#bethelight – Day 362 and 363

Yesterday was a rough day.   To be honest. nothing really went well from the beginning of the day.  To get through the day I needed to learn to re-frame my perception… change my perspective.  Sometime we make choices that are not the best.  Sometime circumstances are not the best.  Rather than allowing regret to take over my thoughts, I need to learn to celebrate those things that are going right… the things that I am accomplishing.

I think it’s human nature to to focus on the negative in a sea of positive.  It is possible to retrain ourselves to see the lessons to be learned in our mistakes.

Thus my kindness yesterday was allowing myself to shift my thinking.

Today… today me theme will be the old Jimmy Durante song, Make some happy.”  It’s funny but true, when you make some happy, you will be happy too!

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