A Star is Born 

I was asked to design a concert/cabaret type set for the fund raiser for Pentacle Theater.  My friend Jeff Witt was the director.  When we originally talked the show was to be a Disney review.  A few weeks before it opened the show format had to change because they didn’t have rights to the Disney songs.  I quickly changed to a Broadway review with a few Disney songs.  Still, I wanted the look to be as classy as possible. I also needed to spend as little money as possible because the point of the show is to earn money.

I started by borrowing platforms, legs and stairs from Central High School.  While we were working on the Willy Wonka set I had a few people put the legs on the platforms and paint it with some left over paint I had from previous sets.  We ordered 30 yards of trico fabric and I made 3 drops with left over grommet tape.  We borrowed trailers and hauled it all over to Chemekata in Salem.  Within a couple hours we were able to get the platforms and stairs up with most of the net Christmas lights we had borrowed hung.

I tied a knot in each of the white panels and then secured the know a little higher so that the panels puffed out a bit.  Then we fanned out the base.  We were able to borrow 20 matching stools for the performers as well.  Pentacle Theater had a chandelier.  We added crystals for some bling.

I finished off with the plants we made for The Secret Garden and tons of spray glitter.

I then used color lighting to change the look of the set with each song and performance.  I loved how versatile it turned out to be… simple yet elegant.  Not only people impressed with the look, they were impressed with the price.  I think I spent less than $400 total.  win for me!

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