Theatre Thursday

Once Upon A Mattress – CHS 2013 


Once Upon a Mattress was an adventure!  I drew out a basic plan, got director approval and went to work!

The first step was to make more flats.  I need something light enough to fly.  I wanted to fly a giant 20×20 foot wall.  This was going to by an adventure for sure!  We brought in my husbands air stapler.  We forgot to switch to shorter staples and ended up stapling the flats to the floor.  oops.
The we made wagons and and legged platforms.  We didn’t set the platforms into place, however.  We need to hang the wall first!
We painted the individual flats and textured them.  We made the stain glass for the windows with gel and taped them to the flats.
Then we lined up all the flats, attached them to each other. and ran cable and rigging through the flats.
Then it was time to raise the wall.  Talk about nerve wracking!  Jeff was at the arbor bay.  Three strong men were one the fly rail.  I was on the floor directing traffic. Kids had to hang on the bar as we slowly re weighted the wall.
Finally!  It was in the air!
WE finished straightening the rigging lines and made the flats even with turnbuckles and cross braced the sets of flats.  The is was time to set the platforms.
Then we faced all of the walls and started the crazy job of painting the whole thing.
It was quit a job.  Everyone worked hard.  Using a stencil helped the bricks to be evenly distributed.  Every surface had something on it.  We even added the names of the people who helped into the rocks that covered the floor of the moving pieces.
We made a rolling platform with stairs and other platforms that could be moved around the set to make additional entrances and exits and to create different places in the castle.
We had some trouble with the castors and had to tip the wagon over to fix it.  Both Jeff and I crawled under the thing, taking our lives into our own hands.  The whole thing was lifted and supported by our students.  Talk about trust exercise!
We made a 9 foot rolling bed.  We used a mattress foam on the walls and stapled strips of fabric to the walls to create a mattress/sheets look.  It worked great!
Next I worked on lighting before I had too many thing in the way to lower the electrics.
The last part of the set we worked on was the floor.  Why oh why did I choose to paint the whole floor in black and white squares?  I was hard to get it straight!  But it looked super cool!
Performance time!
I love how it all turned out!
My daughter was a freshmen and was moved to the role of Lady Larkin because the original cast member quite the show.
It was even her first kiss.  LOL.
She survived!
The show was a great success!

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