#bethelight – Day 10

Yesterday I increased my listening skills AND I called my brother just because. I am loving my journey of 365 days of spreading light and joy. I really don’t know if it is effecting others, but I do notice that it is effecting me! My attitude and gratitude has most definitely increased.

Today is Veteran’s Day. In my research for yesterday’s Forget-me-not day I learned that the one theory for the Forget-me-not Day beginning was to help men returning from war, physically and mentally wounded to remember their fallen friends and to feel remembered themselves. It does sound a bit like what I thought Veteran’s Day was for me.

Today I will remember those who have sacrificed for me to enjoy freedom. I will remember my Grandpa White, who served during WWII, my Grandpa Mabee, who served in the navy, my dad, who served in the military, my uncle Richard, who served in the military, my uncle Byron, who served in the navy. I will also remover those who are currently serving in the military, sacrificing for many of us to to continue to enjoy the freedoms that this country offers. Today I will write a letter to someone who is serving or who has served and thank them for their service and sacrifice.


Join me! Learn more at:

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