My Yoke is Easy… 

I needed this reminder today. I can do this. I can stick to my guns and my adopted lifestyle. Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I will be experiencing my first Thanksgiving without the usual fixings. Instead I will make a detox salad, stuffed acorn squash, mashed butternut squash, spicy pan seared Brussels sprouts, and a vegan mushroom Wellington. The family is insisting on turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, fruit salad etc. So… I will be making 2 meals tomorrow. At least I will be eating well!

Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe

I had a thought occur to me while studying Matt. 11:28-29. Why did I ever think I could learn to bridle all my passions without the Lord? OK… I’ve known this before, but I continue to forget. The Lord continues to repeat lessons for me because I continue to forgetful… sheesh… at least He is patient.

For years I thought if I counted enough calories, forced myself to move far enough, and lived a life of denying myself life’s pleasures, that I would miraculously become skinny. Silly me! This past roadside table experience is the perfect example of my repeated habits of striking out on my own without a thought of inviting the most important element in my quest… God. What little success I’ve had in the past was when I fully relied on the infinite strength of the Lord and not on my own “little” strength.

Those past 90…

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