#bethelight – Day 31

Yesterday I focused on the positive and brought others along for the ride.  I am so proud of the kids that came to callbacks for our next production.  They all put their best foot forward and made choosing SO hard.  I may never be able to sleep!  Seriously.  There are SO many possibilities.  What I loved best is the positive attitude they all showed.  This is what brings me the most joy.

Today I begin #LIGHTtheWORLD as part of be #bethelight 365 days.

You can learn more about #LIGHTtheWORLD here.

Jesus taught:  “Freely ye have received, freely give.” —Matthew 10:8
Please check out this video.

There isn’t one of these cool machines were I live.  However, there are other organizations that are in local communities that help give to those who are in need.  For example, in St. George, Utah my sister runs a shelter for homeless people called Switchpoint.  This cool place not only gives food and shelter to those in need, it also helps them make find jobs, make resumes, prepare for interview, and gain their dignity.  In my community their is a food pantry.  There is a student pantry at our local high school where students can donate and students can “shop” for supplies, toiletries and even clothes.  There are also “giving trees” in local business that have tags on them that you can get a gift for a child in need.

Today I will go get a tag and get a present.

There are so many ways to give… even if you don’t have the means to buy gifts.  You can give time.  You can give undivided attention.

Today I will make a greater effort to give of my time and attention to those who are need of them.

Join me!





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