#bethelight – Day 55


Jesus taught:

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

—Matthew 5:16\
I have been working at being a light for more than 25 days.  I started my quest on the first day of November.
Today… today I continue.  Today I let my light of Christ shine as I rad the book my parents send and laugh and cry (have been my favorite presents for several years now).  Today I let my light shine as I watch my kids give each other simple, thoughtful, heartwarming gifts (my favorite moments of the morning).  Today I let my light shine as I serve my family and make a few traditional Christmas meals/treats, and attempt to be healthy all in one (I will explain later).  Today I will let my light shine as play with grand children (and work my way off the floor and dodge little nurf bullets).  Today I will let my light shine as I blog a short message or two (if I get around to the second one).

Jesus is the Light of the World, but every person can shine his or her own light into the world. Follow Christ’s example and be a light in the lives of those around you this Christmas season and all year long.

My light is Christ’s light.  This King of Kings who descended below all to be born in humble circumstances to humble parents, who set aside His own comforts to provide for my comforts, who sacrificed for my salvation and exaltation, this is the reason we we celebrate today.  No gift is greater than His gifts.  No light is greater than His light.  No song is to great to be sung, no word is too great to speak, no act of obedience is too great to do in honor of my Savior, my Redeemer, Jesus the Christ.

Tomorrow I continue with #bethelight.


Join me!


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