The Meme-ing of Christmas

I love this! My Children… read this. You will like it!

LDS Lamp Lighter

Presenting to you my “Board of Work”, December version. I call it “The Meme-ing of Christmas”. Everyone who stops by my cube love searching for whatever is new and getting their chuckle for the day. They love it even better when they give me a new pun to draw and I get the challenge of “drawing it on the fly”. (Drawing on flies is hard, I tell you! Those little buggers are just too fast… *wink! wink!*)

Here are some other Pun-Toons that I re-conceptualized:

And you can hang this on your mantle…

The Nature of Puns

I love to twist words and try to come up with something humorous. I work in that world right now…where words can be twisted and turned to mean certain things and used for certain purposes. I’m sure you’ve encountered that as well: Commercials use it, Politicians use it, Political Action groups use it…

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