#bethelight – Day 63

Yesterday I did my best to serve, to hug the sad, and to lift the burdens of others.  By the end of the day I was pretty tired.

Today I continue.

I heard about a “Just Say Hello” campaign that Oprah championed a few years back.  The idea was to use Skype to reach out to people who were lonely and start up conversations.  Isn’t this a cute campaign picture the people at Oprah came up with?


I may not have time for that today, as I start back into the routine of school and rehearsals today.  Once I leave my house, in an hour, I won’t be returning until after 9:00 pm (it is currently 6:00 am).  But I can reach out to the lonely in other ways today.  I can take a moment and make a connection with someone today.  What is important is face-to-face communication.

With the inventions of text, Twitter, etc. face-to-face conversation is a dying art.

So… although I won’t have the time to reach out over Skype, as suggested by Oprah, I can reach out to students, parents, and co-workers today… face-to-face.

Good Morning internet World!  I hope you have a great Tuesday!

Join me!

Say hello!


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