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Holiday Eating Success!

Christmas and New Year have come and gone and I feel like I weathered the holiday eating very well!  I didn’t binge on sugars and fats.  I tried to be mindful of the food I ate and tried to choose foods that were high in nutrition.


The food I made for Christmas Eve and for Christmas lasted me nearly the whole week.  It was Friday before I ran out of leftovers and needed to make more food for myself.  🙂

I made Pumpkin Soup for Christmas Eve.  Click here for the recipe.



For Christmas dinner I made traditional foods for the family… a pork roast, mashed potatoes, rolls, and pie.  I made more veggie based foods for myself.

I made a lovely green salad…


… and steamed asparagus.


I made Mushroom, Pecan, Cranberry Tart.  Click here for the recipe.


I made my second Mushroom Wellington.  Click here for the recipe.


I made Potato, Beet, and Apple Tian.  Click here for the recipe.


I made a Vegan Christmas Chocolate Orange “Cake”.  It was so popular that I brought it back for New Year’s Eve.  Click here for the recipe.


I had worked through all the left overs by Friday.  On Friday I made Healthy Re-fried Beans and enjoyed that with some chips.  Click here for a recipe.


Saturday I had veggies for breakfast and the rest of the re-fried beans for lunch.  I prepped all the veggies and food for the week all after noon… including a batch of Cabbage soup for lunches.  For dinner I made Ratatouille.  Click here for the recipe.

unnamed (2)

On Sunday I enjoyed a bowl of Cabbage soup.  Click here for the recipe.  For lunch we made personal pizza with hummus and veggies.  Click here for the recipe.

For New Year’s Eve Dinner I made Veggie Pot Stickers and Chinese “Chicken” (tofu) Salad… and my second Vegan Christmas Chocolate Orange “Cake”.  Click here to get the Recipe for the Chinese Chicken Salad and click here for Veggie pot sticker recipes.

Over all, I feel like a success.  I didn’t loose more, but I didn’t gain anything.  I made much better choices than I did a year ago.  I have now started my new year with a few left over… chocolate “cake” for breakfast and pot stickers for lunch.  The left overs should be gone by tomorrow.  Then I am back to my regularly scheduled food choices.  I am so hoping to move past the plateau I’ve been on for over a month.  I am currently at a weight that I haven’t been below in over 20 years.  I still can’t exercise because my joints can’t handle it.  I am so wanting to get something together health wise so that I can walk and not be weary.  Maybe 2018 is my year to reach that goal.  Fingers crossed!


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