#bethelight – Day 107

Ok… I have to admit.  There comes a time when you are just stretched too thin to find time to be kind.  What I mean is, stretch too thin to find the time to be kind in a specific way or in a kindness project.  I’ve had several 16 hour days as I’ve been getting ready for tech day for the school play that opens in 10 days.  I don’t have time to eat, let alone look for who needs my kind act for the day.  I find myself falling short… I didn’t get all my ducks in a row for tech and more poor sound kids were left to flounder… I finished getting set pieces and light cues leaving no time to talk the kids through them… so they floundered a bit.  I lost my patience a couple of times through out the day.  I know I’m not a mind reader, so I can’t expect the kids to read mine.  I missed my family friend’s funeral.  I missed going to the chiropractor’s office the morning where people are counting on me.  I have not been eating much or balanced (although I have not caved to sugar or diet Pepsi, so there is that).  I have not gotten enough sleep.  I haven’t taken any pictures of my work, so for all you know, I’m making this all up.  What I did do today was to try my best to use a cool head and a “soft-ish” voice through out a very stressful day.  I sure hope this comes out as good as I dream it… sometimes I have to wonder about my dreams.

What did you do today to spread light?

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