#bethelight – Day 137

I am feeling a little better today.  That is a plus.  I’ve been thinking about different takes on acts of kindness.  Today I realized that using my words and choosing words wisely is an act of kindness.  When I was a kid I read… a LOT!  If I wasn’t in school, doing homework, or helping my mom, I was in the corner in the rocking chair, reading.  I credit my mom with my love for reading.  However, it might be my dad that helped me to develop a love for words and all of their twists and meanings.  When my dad was a kid, he read the entire encyclopedia.  He read the dictionary.  I love looking up words and seeing how all the different meaning listed help to define the meaning of a passage.  I have tried to teach my kids to love to read.  A couple of them devour books.  They love words too.  Today I’d like to putt it out there that it is a great act of kindness to spread a love of reading and a love for words and their varied definitions.  Pick up a new word every day and try to use it in conversation.  If you have a smart phone, download an app to get a word-of-the-day.  Encourage others to read and to write.  Words have power, friends!  Use them wisely and love them!


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