Scripture Sunday

Words of Wisdom

I think Conference weekend is my favorite weekend.  Too bad there are only two in a year.  I felt so peaceful and so energized in one.  Here are some of the Memes I collected from this Conference.  I stick them in an electronic picture frame and put it on random.  They scroll through and I am reminded everyday of some of the thoughts that struck my heart deeply.

My favorite thoughts from President Russell M. Nelson:


Truly, President Nelson is called of God to lead right now.  So many of the lessons he taught are lessons I have been thinking about.

My favorite thoughts from President Henry B. Eyring:


My favorites thoughts from President Dallin H. Oaks:



My favorite thought from M. Russell Ballard:



My thoughts from Jeffery R Holland:



My favorite thoughts from Ronald A. Rasband:



My favorites from Dieter F Uchtdorf:



My favorites from Quentin Cook:



My favorites from Neil L. Anderson:



My favorites from Dale G Renlund:



My favorites from Gary E. Stevenson:



My favorites from David A. Bednar:



My favorites from Gerrit W. Gong:



My favorites from D. Todd Christoffersen:29594889_1625450814177005_3121089199680758142_n

My favorite from Ulisses Soares:


My favorite from other speakers:




I have made several goals for myself throughout the weekend to improve my relationships with God and with others.  These inspiring messages have been motivating.  I hope I can keep up the enthusiasm.





I hope to study these talks and message carefully over the next 6 months.

1 thought on “Words of Wisdom”

  1. I’d love to have an electronic picture frame to do the same. Teach me your ways, please.
    Also, Taps and I are listening to one talk each night before bed so we can learn them, know them , discuss them, have them written on our hearts and rest with such wonderful messages on the heart and mind.


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