#bethelight – Day 165

Today I am hosting an Usborne book party.  My daughter is an Usborne book consultant, so hosting a party helps her out.  I also decided to “pay-it-forward” and to host the party to benefit someone else.  First, I love to read.  I learned to read late.  I struggled learning to read.  At third grade I couldn’t read, but during the Christmas break my mom worked and worked with me.  When I went back to school after I was a reader.  I learned that if you can read, you can learn anything and everything.  Well… my friend teaches a little preschool.  My grandson attended her preschool.  She taught him to love learning.  In the next few years she will be teaching my grand daughter.  I want to show my thanks and support and contribute to the success of future students learning to read.  Thus, I am hosting a book party to get more books for her preschool.  So… my act of kindness today is to help a small business and to encourage learners of the future.  Is there a future reader in your life you could encourage?  Is there a small business in your area you could support?  If so… do it!  Pay it forward!  Spread the kindness!


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