#bethelight – Day 223

Today has been a good day… although I’ve been distracted and not as on top of it as I need to be.  I gave a man $2 to get a cup of coffee.  He ask for 60 cents.  It was worth seeing his face to give him the $2.    I helped out at the chiropractor’s office.  I helped load up some stuff to go to CET.  I kept my 2 young friends who are looking to earn mission money busy.  The new little walk way looks good; the side of the house isn’t the hot mess it used to be; and the swing/play structure came down.  They will be back an other day because there is more to do.  win-win if you ask me.  I printed a bunch of stuff I need for CET, but I still haven’t t to the models and drawing I need.  The day isn’t over, so I’ll keep working at it.  Best of all, I feel great.  My mood has been to good today.  It feels good to be productive and it feels good to lighten someone else’s load.

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