#bethelight – Day 276, 277, 278, and 279

When you are doing a bunch of traveling, hours upon hours in a car, it’s hard to get out a computer to write on the blog. However, this has not stopped me from keeping up the kindness efforts.

While driving I worked at being a kind driver. I shared the music. I chatted with the people in the car. I let people “in” and even drove the speed limit.

On Sunday I continued the kindness efforts with helping a friend long distance with a theatre question. I also made the family a yummy cobbler desert. When it was gone, I made a second one because my son wanted it.

Monday, I cleaned my daughter’s kitchen and dinning area… and I made applesauce in the crockpot and apricot jam. Sometimes a person just needs their mom to come help when things get overwhelming. I also bought lunch for a homeless man. I will explain that in my Thought Tuesday post.

Today I will help my daughter sort through things as she gets ready for her move later in year. I can’t break free and come help her then, but I can do little things now that will hopefully make things easier then.

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