#bethelight – Day 304 and 305

Yesterday was a busy day with work and with teaching voice lessons.  A crazy schedule didn’t stop me from stopping to listen when a friend needed a hug after getting bad news.  I didn’t stop me from catching up with my best friend when she called to chat.  It didn’t stop me from chatting with my husband on the phone who is away on business.  Some times the greatest act of kindness is as simple as listening.

Today was also a long day with work.  Today my act of kindness was to make noodles for y daughter for dinner even though she could have eaten left over.  But I  knew she wasn’t a fan of the left over chili and that she wouldn’t be thrilled with the cauliflower rice covered in sauted zucchini  and mushrooms.  She isn’t really a veggies fan.

Kindness is really the simple things.

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