#bethelight – day 346, 347, and 348

phew!!! Ii made it to opening night…. and the biggest secret I’ve kept for awhile. My act of kindness over the past 3 days was prepping for my son to move home today and surprise his little sister at her opening night performance.  Her reaction made it all worth it!  I also would say my working for hours non–stop, preparing for opening night was also an act of kindness.  Today I barely got my list done.  I fixed spot lights; I subbed for my friend; I set up the black lights that barely made it; I helped my dad re-install the machine that broke (F.Y.I. – great kindness in the past 3 days was my dad driving 6 hours yesterday and 6 hours today to help me repair the machine for the turntable twice.  Talk about kindness); I cleaned the auditorium and even carried the vacuum up and down the stairs because the custodians never got around to it.  It was a long day.

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