I Am a Child of God

This simple truth often keeps me going. I know how much I love my kids and I know how much I want them to be successful and happy. If I love them as much as I do, I know that god loves me that much and more. So when things are harder than I would like them to be, I repeat this simple truth over and over. There is a reason it is the first truth I teach my children.

Yesterday, I sang this little song to someone who had never heard it but who felt lost and confused. I told him that God does know him and does want to help him. He just needed to ask the source. We all hate it when we hear people spreading rumors about us. Why not ask the source? I think God may be the same. So many people spread “the word”, assume he isn’t there, and sometimes, put words in His mouth. But why not ask the source? He promises that He will answer. He will show you He is there. He will show you truth. He will strengthen you. He will light your path.

He is here.

He will guide.

He will comfort.

I love this song, a beautiful arrangement of the song, I Need Thee Every Hour that learned as a child. It is true. He is there for you. You are his child.


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