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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 73

Yup. Super true. Today I was around creative people all day. Today I am thankful that I had the privileged of judging at a Regional Thespian Competition. All day I gave feedback to inspiring thespians as they worked on their passion and craft of theatre.

I am also grateful for the students I work with on a daily basis. They represented themselves well. We even have a few State Qualifiers. I am so proud of them and all their hard work. However, I am most proud of how they were friendly; they were helpful; they were supportive of others. Way to go guys! This is real character development.

I am grateful for my husband who held down the fort, went shopping, helped a friend and is currently doing dishes because I am exhausted!

I am grateful for my grandson Ben. Today is his birthday. He ushered in a new chapter in my life, being a grandma. He is sweet and tender hearted. He is smart. He has a funny sense of humor.

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