Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 192 and 193

Yesterday was the longest day… graduation day. It started early and ended late. I got soaking wet 4 times, worried about my safety working with sound wires and equipment in the rain, stressed over things not working right as I didn’t get a chance to do a proper sound test, only got the chance to use the bathroom once and didn’t really get to eat, and was so exhausted in the end that I couldn’t sleep because my legs ached so much.

Still, there were a couple things to be thankful for… the missing mic showed up. The principle bought dinner for those who were trying to help me and for me. Even though it rained and thundered during the day, it didn’t really rain on the ceremony. I got so see Jacob. I got to give one last hug to the kids that graduated that I love and adore.

Today I limped out to the car and drove to Cannon Beach to support friends and family at the Sand Castle contest. I am thankful we drove safely, even if some guy forced me off the road a bit and stiff bust ripped the mirror off my truck. I was able to help my kids who needed a few forgotten items. I am grateful that Lilli ran up to the main road to help get the stuff to the beach since I couldn’t find a parking spot. In the long run, I never made it to the contest, but it turned out. I am grateful for sugar free ice cream at the Tillimook Cheese Factory. It was my one indulgence. I am grateful that I had a quiet evening once we got home.

I am grateful that john came home and that it looks lke he had a good time.

I am grateful that we had a fun time at the Tillimook cheese Factory with McKay and Myles and their kids. We were even entertained by John doing somersaults on the lawn.

1 thought on “Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 192 and 193”

  1. Oh, dear Behind-the-Scenes-Queen, you never cease to amaze me. I am glad that Lilli is such a great helper to you. I am a wee bit bummed, however that there is no video proof of your favorite goober’s awesomeness in the area ofvtumbling. I can very vividly hear Lanayah’s delightful reaction to such antics!
    Love you!


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