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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 105

Today has been a very long day. It started with me in an Endodontist chair at 7:30 am for a second root canal on a pesky tooth. My dentist had tried to do it three weeks earlier and couldn’t find the root and sent me to a specialist. Turns out this is a very special tooth and even the specialist can’t find the root. After two hours of digging around he gave up and said he needed to study the x-rays and try again later. I headed to work. I came home at 12:30 to teach voice lessons and to take some drugs because I have the worst headache! Turns out that my crazy bad headaches could be related to this calcified tooth. Any who… as I pulled into the drive way the endodontist calls and says he wouldn’t recommend trying a third time because all the digging around had already made my tooth dangerously thin and it would most likely not last another 2 years. He suggested I get an implant after I talk to my dentist. I called the dentist, but the desk lady did not have a clue and no-one called me back today to discuss the problem. Meanwhile, what am I suppose to do about ortho. It’s a front tooth! Gah! and the headache is only getting harder.

Today I am grateful for Tylenol.

Today I am grateful that Jeff did the slides for PSP.

Today I am grateful for voice students… I had extras today too because all the people are begging to get into my day because we have auditions for Starmites tomorrow and the next day.

Today I am grateful Lilli made dinner. I normally fast on Mondays, but since I have to take pain meds, I need food.

Today I am grateful for the help Hannah gave my student over Face Time.

Today I am grateful McKay found her keys.

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