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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Days 154, 155, 156, and 157

Gratitude Is The Best Attitude written on remember note concept on a cork board.Business Concept.

I have missed a few days. Life is moving at light speed. I leave the house in time to get to school by 7:00 am and I walk back in the house late, 9 or 10 at night. I am so tired when I get home. I barely have the energy to eat a little something before I collapse into bed. Rest assured, I am still working on my attitude of gratitude and trying my best to work on improving my prayers.

Today was fairly busy. I got up early and went to rehearsal for Applebox. I am happy with how things are going. I have no idea if the parents are happy, but I am very happy with the progress I see. Had a couple “ah-ha” moments at the rehearsal. The first “ah-ha” moment really started yesterday. I didn’t make it to Starmites rehearsal because someone need to chat with me about a summer bridge class I have agreed to teach… and to chat about the new schedule we will be working with in the fall. But the conversation left me a little confused about my summer assignment. I emailed my principle to get clarity. We will meet later in the week… I hope. Meanwhile, this morning I tole Jeff about the conversation and email and asked for his advice. Then I heard the word, “I need your help because I am not good at advocating for myself,” come out of my mouth. Truth. I am not good at it at all! It was a major realization for me. Recognition is the first step. The next “ah-ha” moment came as I watched Jeff teaching breathing and projection exercises to the kids. Everything he did and said is what I teach to my drama and my singing students. But I realized that I have been intermediated by Jeff for a long time. I do not have confidence in my ability to teach about the voice or to teach in general. I have no reason to be intimidated. I do know what to do. I do know how to teach it. I’ve been intimidated by the skill of others for a very long time. I keeps me from performing… singing or acting. This is a monumental realization. Maybe I can begin to move forward now. I am grateful for this lesson.

Today I worked hard in the garden. We accidently killed most of our strawberries. We put straw on them over the winter. It killed all but 12 plants. I am grateful that 12 plants are still living. I am grateful that the soil looks a ton better after I worked it.

Today Lilli went with me to Bi-mart for more strawberries. They didn’t have any. But they had some cool heirloom tomatoes. I am grateful we can now add them to the garden.

Today we built a fire in the backyard and roasted hotdogs wrapped in Pillsbury croissant dough. It was super yummy. Today I am grateful Lilli sat by me and made them with me.

Today I did exercise in the pool. It’s been a long time since I was able to do that. It was good. I am grateful for that pool… and a good shower afterwards.

Today I am grateful that John picked up a couple more garden boxes and helped me shovel. Today I am grateful that he went shopping for groceries too.

Today I am grateful for a little bit of a sunburn. It means I was able to get outside a bit.

Today I am grateful for my journey in prayer. Today I am grateful that God is there as my protection. I am grateful he is always with me… especially as I invite Him to “walk” with me. I am grateful He is always reaching out toward me, inviting me to follow Him.

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