Theatre Thursday

My Own Brand of Magic 

I am inspired by many of the beauties of this world.  How can I not be.  God is good.

It is my goal to be that good.  (in more ways than one).  I make an attempt and fall short.  However,  I practice.  Here is my last attempt at creating magic with Cinderella at Central High School.

I started with my model…

It was real magic that we some how got this whole set on the stage… ready for tech and dress… in thee and a half weeks.  We had a lot on the line.  My daughter, Kimber was due with her first baby.  I couldn’t leave the director, the kids, and the show in a tight corner.

We got this far after our first week.  Not bad… considering.  I love what my friend Dean was having for breakfast.  Actually, it was mostly mine.  I lived on diet Pepsi for a couple of weeks.  I was so tired!



Construction and painting took awhile…

There were so many details!

 I even got on the floor… and I rarely get on the floor.  My husband and I hand black washed the entire floor.
The Friday before Tech we pulled a late nighter.  A few of my heroes stayed at the school with me and painted, and painted, and painted.  We also multi-task and set all the lights too.  It was an amazing transformation.  Thanks to John, McKay, Hannah, Lillian, Kimber, Ray, Yvonne, Jacob, Micheal, Jon, Mary, John C., Erin,  Lucas, Jeff, Chris, Nathaniel, Keegan, Dean, and Josie who stayed up with me, we made it.

So much work, but oh so worth it!!!

We even glitified (I know it’s not a word) the set, the props and each other.  Actually, Jeff is the King of Glitter.  LOL.  Also, I have to mention the many parents that stopped in a couple afternoons to paint lines.  I’m a stickler for detail.  Everyone was real good about just going with it.


We bought the pumpkin carriage from a local college.  My daughter made some fabric pumpkins to create the garden.  We used a wire pumpkin with twinkle lights inside for the magic pumpkin.


I worked out every detail – from the lighting, to the stage crew, to the live musicians stationed backstage.  I even threw in my two cents on Cinderella’s big dress.

Then it was the moment of magic.
We had “Cinderella Day” and little girls from far and wide came to take pictures with the cast.
Lillian caught the magic.
The best magic is sharing it with family… Hannah performed as a towns person….
…and a mouse puppeteer.
Well… that’s a wrap.  I believe this turned out to be one of my best shows.  However, I’m sure that the best is yet to come.
Originally posted March 29, 2012 by Wendy Boyack on Resigning as the General Manger of the Universe powered by Blogger.

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