Theatre Thursday

My Trip Through the Hills of Brigadoon 

On September 17 I ended the long journey through Brigadoon.  I had entered the creative process clear back in June with the audition.  My good friend Jeff asked me to join him as his assistant director.  I think it turned into a little more when he assigned me to direct the longest scene in the play.  I also got to clean up scenes, work on character development and keep the show running smoothly in an organised fashion.  I had a great time!
I have to say, I wasn’t impressed with the tech of this particular community theater.  I barely remember the last set I worked on that was covered in cardboard.  I think it was about 25 years ago… and it was old school then.  All the lighting instruments were in sad need of maintenance.  Even worse, they really needed to use more.  You really couldn’t see well because the lighting design was that bad.  I tried to make suggestions and was shut down.  I fixed the spotlight one day.  Half way through the rehearsal, the tech director came to me upset.  He thought I had broken the spot.  I left my post and went to see what he was talking about.  It wasn’t broken.  It was quiet.  Perhaps it was because I had cleaned it and taken a hairball the size of a small dog out of its fan.  The sound designer did half the job… and I had to finish it.

The house managers were high maintenance the stage manager, but I could often be found seating people, exchanging tickets, helping sick or distressed patrons, and I was even asked to get soda for the concessions at one point.  My favorite was when a lady was upset and yelling at cast members after intermission.  It turned out that she had recently had a loss of a loved one.  Brigadoon isn’t the play to see if you are recovering from loss… hello… it’s about love and death.

The best part was getting to do the show with my daughter and meeting a lot of great people.  I loved the people I worked with.  I was sad it was all over because I don’t know when I will get to see or work with them again.  On the other hand, I know have more time to dedicate to the family and to the second show I started in August… Wait Until Dark.  This time I am the director.

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