Theatre Thursday

Young Frankenstein 

I worked as the Associate Director on the Pentacle Theatre production of Young Frankenstein the Musical, directed by my friend Robert Salberg.

I was assigned to block group scenes, track tech needs, and eventually, call the show and run sound effects cues.

This show was a bit hard for me.  I am not usually around that amount of crude humor… Ok… I can take it for a little while, but after a bit I start feeling weighed down.  By the end of the show I felt like I was drowning in muck.

I need to be around theater that up lifts me… theater that helps me feel like am contributing to the good in the world.  I didn’t feel that way about this show.

I did make some new friends and I loved being around some of the friends I had already met during my Pentacle Theatre experience.  I just wish I could have felt like myself during this show… and like it or not… I am a religious person.  I want to make good choices… I want to do my art.  I want to create theater master pieces.  I just want those experiences to also reflect my values… and I’ve come to the realization, I may not get to do that… my religion and my art doint mix in the real world.  sigh.  It may be time to step back and dream about creating.

This is how the designer decided we were to change scenes.  crew members sat in this hole and turned 3 turn tables.  It was a tough job…. especially when we didn’t get all the movable set pieces until the night before opening night and after we had performed for two preview audiences.  Talk about stress.  Also, one of the crew couldn’t be there for the whole run.  Thankfully we were able to find a smart kid as his replacement.
I ended up doing this actress’s make up everyday.
This is one of my best friends.  Good thing I can work with him at the high school.

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