Family Friday

Boyack Report

Well, the month of November is another month of “same old same old”.  Case comes to play… Lilli does school… Hannah and Chad leave and go to school… I clean house…. people mess up the house… Lilli goes to dance and to be a helper at the dance studio… Chad goes to work out…. John goes to work and stays late nearly everyday.  See… nothing changes.  I did spend a couple days working at the high school over the past couples of weeks.  The elementary schools hired me to run their little “musicals” and that is nice because we will need the extra money to have any kind of Christmas.  Sadly, I have a problem collecting on all the money people owe me.  If I added it all up, from all the people that owe me a little something, I could collect nearly $2000.  However, I am not good at the collection processes.  Sigh.

I’ve been working on Christmas presents.  I made this funny hat for Ben.  I used Case while I worked out what to do.  I think Case is a little disappointed I wasn’t making the hat for him.  I will work on making him a hat if I get everything for family done.

Case is about to start a new adventure.  He has been going for some tests and it has been determined that he has some speech development issues and some cognitive development issues.  Since he is suppose to start kindergarten next year I finally convinced his mom that she should look into getting him help.  It will shorten his day with but I am glad he will get the help that he needs.  He so far behind where he should be.

John and I took a weekend away.  We headed over to Lincoln City and stayed a a little hotel on the beach.  We hit a movie – Ender’s Game.  We walked on the beach and climbed some rocks.  We even got stuck on the rocks for a minute when the tide came in and surrounded us.  That put an end to the playing on the rocks.  We took all our food with us and made some yummy dishes.  Mostly…. we laid around.  We’ve been running from one activity to another so long that it was nice to kick back and…


… watch a little tv…

… nap some more…

… enjoy the scenery…

sit on the deck and drink hot tea and watch the waves…

… work on Christmas presents and the Christmas letter…

… and watch a few sunsets.

This little trip could count for birthdays and anniversaries and maybe even Christmas.  Good thing too.  Chad made me cookies for my birthday… but the dog ate them.  John gave me nuts that made my tummy hurt… the dogs ate them too.  Kimber called and sent me Ben’s hands making a paper hug.  My mom sent me $20 that Chad spent on gas.  I went to the acupuncturist and Lilli peed all over the car so I was late and the car stunk and I had to clean it up.  John worked late.  The kids ate the special ice cream I bought before the big day, so I didn’t get any.  I tried to watch the Superman movie, but people came over wanting help for their issues so I didn’t get to finish watching Superman save the world.  Really.  Birthdays are nothing special.  They are just another day.  I did get a call from Anna and from David and Carol messaged me.  My mom said I should do what Anna does and make it my “birthday month.”  That would never do.  I would then have expectations and the people around me wouldn’t meet them.  That just leads to disappointment.  The only present I got that wasn’t consumed by someone or something else was Shrek that my friend Megan gave me.  Thanks Megan for remembering.

The following weekend John and I tried to go to the temple and to have lunch with my parents.  I swear, the universe was against this idea. First, I had to attend a production meeting for Les Miserables.  The meeting went longer than I expected.  I asked John to call my parents and tell them we were running late but that we were coming.  He forgot.  When my meeting got over I had to walk to find john.  The car wouldn’t start.  I didn’t expect to be outside and didn’t bring a coat, so I was pretty cold.  John flagged down a lady to get a jump start.  That didn’t work.  We eventually called a tow truck.  Small problem.  John had parked at the top of a car parkade.  The tow truck couldn’t get to us.  After our 2 hour wait, the truck driver walked to the top of the parking garage to tell us that we needed to push the Suburban to the bottom of the garage.  Really?  The car still wouldn’t start.  Then the tow guy noticed that the battery connections were loose and tightened them.  It worked.  John was disappointed that he didn’t figure it out for himself.  Meanwhile,  When I finally got ahold of my parents they were half way home.  Sure wish John had remembered to call them.  Sure wish they had called after their shift to see if we were heading up north.  Oh well… it wasn’t meant to be.

This past week I taught a scene painting class for a drama workshop at the high school.  I think it went fairly well… even if that last class I taught had attention issues. It was good to teach.  However, it reminded me just how much I don’t really want to teach full time.

Hannah got to go to some of the other classes offered that day.  She got to go to an acting class and a dialect class and a costume design class.  I think she had fun and got to learn some great new skills.

I’m also getting The Little Mermaid set ready to travel.  my friend Robert is going to use all the piece for his school production of The Little Mermaid.  The kids at the school have been great about carting it all up and/or down the stairs.

I’ve also gotten to see a couple of plays this month.  John and I went to see Into the Woods at Pentacle Theatre. I have a couple friends involved with the play and they did a good job.  We also went to the college production of The Inspector General.  It took me a few minutes into the play to realize that I knew the show… it’s an old Danny Kaye movie!  I have two students in the show.  They did a great job.  The show was so funny.  Then, Hannah and I went to see Urinetown at McNary High School.  my friend Dallas is the theater director there.  Such a funny show.  I’d like to see that show done at Central.  Sure hope Jeff considers it.

The last event of the past few weeks was my anniversary… and again… it was just another day.  When I woke up Sunday morning I got ready for church.  I wished John a happy anniversary to which he said, “:Is that today?”  He was counting the trip to coast as celebration enough.  I get it.  but still, it would have been nice to have been remembered the date and had even written me a note.  I’m telling you, zero expectations is the best way to go.  I mentioned the morning conversation in jest on Facebook.  Some people commented.  Really.  It’s ok.  I’ve got this… no expectations makes for a much happier life.

So… that is the week.

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