Family Friday

Boyack Report 

 I seem to be starting a trend of late reports.  I will chalk it up to being busy doing things we love.  In the past two weeks we have been super busy with school, Cabaret, and opening night for Les Miserables.

This year the theme for Cabaret at the high school was Reverse Gender Broadway.  Boys sang girl songs and girls sang men’s songs.  Hannah didn’t go after many solos.  She has a lot on her plate with Les Miserables.  However, she had one totally awesome solo at the beginning of Freak Flag from Shrek and the first night she sang a duet from Into the Woods, Agony, because Mo was at a basketball game.  Of coarse, she knocked it out of the park.

I am not sure why, but John is not so good at operating his camera phone in important events.  We was able to snap a picture, but managed to record the table top rather than Hannah’s solos.  Our friend Megan was able to record Hannah.  But now we have to figure out getting the recording off her phone and onto the web.  LOL.  The concert went fairly well.  I was able to help in many ways this time.  I helped with set up and sound, and I even got to pick a few of the songs.  The was fun!  Well not all of it.  The first night I wasn’t able to make a full sound check so I was able to find a bad cord before the show.  Every time someone stepped on it there would be a surge of electricity and one of the speakers would spark blue sparks.  Audience members would come running to me to tell me it was on fire the whole show.  I was able to get it fixed the next night.

John and Lilli came the first night.  That was good for two reasons:  They got to see Hannah sing both solos and Lilli was sick all the next day.  We started this throw up illness that seems like it lasted forever!  Lilli was the first to fall and then Chad added to the fun by throwing up all night.  Hannah and I never lost our lunch but we were plenty nauseated and we both had terrible headaches.  Hannah only got to one day of school. When Lilli was feeling better she went to dance and sprained her ankle.  Chad only could handle one day of school. Let’s just say, the house was super quiet because one one got up before 1:30 pm.  Although the peace and quiet was nice, the illness was not and I admit I am grateful we are done with that little bug… knock on wood.

The sad, and somewhat frustrating thing, is that our washing machine died that same weekend.  Brought back some memories as we loaded up all the laundry and went to the laundromat.  Two weeks of that was not my idea of fun.  However, we are getting a new washer and it should arrive on Thursday.  My friend John Hatch helped me get a great deal.  This will be my first off the factory floor washer I will have ever owned.  All the other washers have been used.  No wonder I get a new washer every 2-3 years.  This new one had better last…. that’s all I have to say on that!

I also went to my friend Jeff’s 40th Birthday Breakfast Party.  I would have loved to have celebrated Kimber’s birthday, but I will have to wait until next week when she comes to visit. My friends are silly.  They are good people. He got a ton of odd gifts to help him through this major milestone.  I loved the surprised look on his face when we walked in the door and saw all the people there.  Priceless.  I’m not one to enjoy parties, but this party was fun.

We had our first week of Les Miserables with performances.  Community Night was on Tuesday.  It was the largest Community Night I’ve ever seen.  Of Coarse it helped that all of Central High School kids, Dallas High School Kids, and Willamette College students were also invited to this night.  Our regular Student Night performance was also packed.  So many people!  We had Thursday night off.  It was a good thing.  Some of the fight choreography was getting a bit rough.  On Wednesday night Jeff bounced down the stairs a little hard.  It looked nasty.  At intermission everyone was looking for me so that i could look at Jeff (my reputation as a witch doctor has even followed me to the theater, LOL).  His elbow was very tender and swollen.  I was worried that it could be cracked and since I have not developed a new talent of x-ray vision I told him that when the show was done he needed to go to the ER for an x-ray.  Then I wrapped it with what we had to stabilized it and we finished the show.

At the ER they told him it wasn’t broken but that he had a hairline fracture… hmm…  Anyway, he has a brace and some pain killers.  Meanwhile, we did tame down some of the fighting. Good thing we had Thursday night off to rest.  Everyone needed a day of vocal rest and Jeff needed a day to get his elbow to reduce swelling.  I am glad that Robert fought for the rights of a director to make that call.  It’s a nice option.

At any rate, we just opened over the weekend and the computer already says we are completely sold out. That shouldn’t discourage people from trying to get in to see the show.  The first night had about 5 empty chairs.  Saturday there were about 6 empty chairs.  Sunday’s performance had about 20 empty chairs… so if you are willing to camp out for 45 minutes you can most likely get a seat to see the show.

It is a great show… I have to admit it. I spend the show crammed into a tiny space next to Lillian who is running a spot light.  /there are around 240 light cues, sound cues, spot lights, and special effects to co-ordinate. So far they need little reminders over the headset.  For the most part I don’t say much any more, but I do a ton of problem solving.

I do love that I get to sit and watch the show every night.  I have to admit, my favorite scenes are the scenes I blocked and directed.  Too bad no one will ever know those were my scenes.  It’s just the nature of the beast.  Today I turned in my proposals for the 2015 season.  I put in for three shows, but I really want Addam’s Family the most.  However, I am very nervous about it.  There are so many people applying and I am still not confident that i am accepted in this little cliche.  Most of the people proposing are people with reputations around the theater and have been a part of it for many years.  I am still a relative new comer. If I am not chosen for a 2015 musical I probably won’t go after a regular show in the season.  I’d also have to serious consider proposing again because although John acts supportive, I can tell he is getting tired of it.  I just can’t please everyone, I guess. Well… that is the report.  I’ will see about getting reports out more often, but don’t count on it.  😉


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