Family Friday

Boyack Report 

So…. I’ve missed a few things in the events around these parts.  Here is a brief run down of what has happened in the past couple of weeks.  Hannah performed as the Witch in Into the Woods.  She was amazing.  Check out the video of her singing on Facebook.  When I figure out how to post it on Youtude I will make a link.  I designed the set, helped direct and was the Tech Director.  Lilli ran follow spot.  All the HS kids quit so she stepped up.  I will make a full report on the show later… maybe even later today.  🙂

Hannah’s choir went to State… and won!  Hannah is on that bus somewhere.
Lilli and I were on the other bus.  We went as chaperons.
The girls helped me and we painted this backdrop for our friend Robert.  His school was doing The Seussification of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Salem.  He loves all things Seuss.  We are getting good at making Seuss sets.
Well… I wasn’t good about taking pictures.  We are down to two cars.  It’s cramping my style.  Both Chad and John have to be places out of town.  That means the girls and I are needing to find other ways of getting where we need to be.  Not my favorite.  The radiator on the Honda rusted out.  We had it replaced, but it still over heats and is now at a new shop.  KA-CHING!  I hope they can make it work.

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