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Boyack Weekly – ok two week Report 

I suppose it is about time that I caught up on the Boyack report.  We have entered that time of year where there is plenty to do… but it’s routine, and let’s face it… boring.  Chad has started classes at Chemeketa… Hannah goes to the high school all day… and Lillian and I hang out at home to do home school.  It makes it hard to feel motivated to write in a blog about what we have been up to because there isn’t much to say… even if we do feel terribly busy.  We did take a Saturday afternoon and went to the Pentacle Theater Volunteer Appreciation Picnic.  We had to laugh because the main attraction was a picture with Cinderella, the Prince and the carriage… been there, done that.  Still, Hannah wanted a picture with Kimberly and Sterling.

We went to our first Central High School Football game for the year (It will most likely be my only football game for the year.) Hannah is really into being a Super Fan.  She and her friends dress up and act crazy in front of the Pep Band.  i don’t know if they really pay attention to the game.  I guess it doesn’t matter.  They are having fun.  That game Central won.  The following week, Central lost.

It was raining and chilly.  I know… big surprise.  We brought Case along because Laura was MIA.  That happens quite often.  She hasn’t been too consistent with her schedule as of late.  At any rate, we were ready to go to the game and she hadn’t come or checked in, so we bundled him up and took him to the game.  Once we got there I finally got a text from his mom.  Her daughter-in-law found us at the game and took Case at half time.

The main reason I went to the game is because Lillian was a Cheerleader at half time.  Since she did Cheer camp this past summer she got to perform as part of Half Time Entertainment.  I get the feeling that the football program doesn’t support other programs well.  For example, the choir sang the National Anthem.  No one could hear them.  (Hannah sang in the choir and we didn’t get to hear her because a) they weren’t amplified well and b) we were a little late so we just went through the gate when the National Anthem started.)  another example is the support the football program DOESN’T give the cheerleaders.

The cheer coaches aren’t paid like all the other coaches at the school.  The cheerleader have to pay for EVERYTHING themselves.  And when the little people came, no one could hear their music because the football people don’t want to bother with making the hook ups work.  It makes me mad.  There really is more worthwhile things at Central High School than football.  My friend Megan helps with cheer leading.  She doesn’t get the credit she deserves.  That makes me mad too.  I watched her work that night.  She works hard.  Frankly, the cheer program wouldn’t fly without her.  She should be given more credit.

Anyway, Lillian has fun doing all the cheer stuff.  In a way, I am a little bummed.  I see too many football games in my future.  She is pretty good at it.  She is loud.  She does the moves and the dances well.  I think dance classes have helped with that.  At least I only have to go to games once a year for a couple more years.  🙂

At least the students and their goofy outfits are entertaining.  I had to laugh at Emma’s outfit.  Those boots were crazy.  I got a funny video of her dancing.  Too bad I couldn’t get it off my phone.  Oh well.  I’ve been to my token game.  Hannah and Chad have been to a second game.  There will be one more game after this week.  Then they have away games.

With everyone back to school and our lives becoming more routine, Lillian is getting tons of work done in a day.  She is willing to get up at 5:30 each morning to do scriptures and prayer with the family before Hannah and I take off for seminary and John heads to work.  Then she gets a shower and makes her bed.  She got a new bed and I cleaned out all her stuff.  Her new bed is a queen size bed.  I told her that if her room doesn’t stay clean I will give the bed to Hannah.  She is keeping her room clean.  (The real reason we got a “big” bed was because we needed somewhere for visitors to sleep – now that people have moved away and we are now “grandma’s house”.  🙂  After her shower, Lillian usually starts school.  When all goes right, Lillian is done with all of her school and chores by noon (that is often before Chad even gets out of bed.  LOL).  Lillian also helps with four dance classes and is taking four dance classes.  She is becoming very responsible and has even been given her own key to the Dance Studio because she is so responsible and always the first person there.  She often opens the doors and turns on the lights for all the dancers.  It’s weird that she is growing up so fast.

We’ve been working down at the high school a couple of days a week to move the prop room and to clean up the scene shop.  Case and Lillian have been helping too.  They discovered the swords and gladiator helmets.  Kids.  Case even took on Lillian while lifting a barbell.  LOL.  He had us all in stitches.  Case is still coming most days.  I have been encouraging his mom to get him into some kind of head-start program to help him with his language problem.  The kid is suppose to start school next fall and no one can understand him.  It is frustrating to him.  He knows what he means and gets real mad when people don’t understand.

I sure hope he gets help before next year.  School will not be fun for him unless he does get help.

Chad has classes nearly everyday now.  He is getting up at 6 in the morning and leaving for Salem by 7:45.  We don’t see him all day.  He has a few classes at one building and a weight class all the way across the campus.  He seems to like it.  He also passed his Eagle Board of Review this past week. I think that is pretty amazing.  He did that all on his own.  I’ve stopped pushing him along a long time ago.  We will have a big party after all the stuff comes back from the National Scout office.

We’ve started the next set at the high school… Crimes of the Heart. This week I made a model…

… and drew up plans…

Saturday John, Hannah, and Lillian came down to the school and we started putting the set on the stage.  Students in the play and a few of their friends all came to to help… as did my friends Scot and John Hatch.  We worked for a few hours (from 10-2) and legged all the platforms and started a few stair units.  This play is a little different.  It is the first play that Central is putting the audience and the play on the stage.

We worked so fast that we even started the walls.  The truth is, IF I have the right kind of screws… IF I had got all the batteries plugged in and charged before the workday… and IF the kids all had skills, we could have had everything constructed.  Still, I am happy with the progress we made.

By the end of the day the set looked like this…

After working on the set I took the girls to Salem and went shopping.  Have I mentioned that I hate shopping?  Here are a few reasons why:  There is never enough money… It takes for ever to find stuff and try things on… and store are insane, as is the traffic. Plus… Hannah is officially a teenager.  She didn’t really want me to take her shopping.  I’m not cool enough and have no sense of style (obviously).  She wanted me to get one of my friends to take her that dress cool.  I couldn’t find anyone, so she was stuck with me.  That meant that she HAD to take a friend.  so much for a girls day on the town.  Still… Lillian got the shoes I promised her for doing well in the show… Hannah got her dress shoes for choir and new tennis shoes. She also found a pair of jeans and a shirt she liked.  I got a new baby rice cooker.

I needed that.  I will be making a whole new menu for me now.  I am going to be on a Candida cure diet foe awhile.  A yeast overgrowth seems to be the next stop on what is going wrong in my body.  Sadly, that means a whole different menu for me.  When I made my menu and shopping list I made one for Chad, one for me, one for the family, and one for Lilli.  Chad only eats certain things.  I can only eat certain things.  John and Hannah don’t really want to eat what I will be eating and would rather eat what I can’t eat.  Lillian is just plain pick.  That means for every meal I make and clean up 3 different meals.  That is dishes for 9 meals a day.  It’s not pretty.

This past weekend was “the storm of a century”…. not.  It was big hype over nothing.  It did rain a lot… the wind blew a bit.  But I saw more rain in early September out at the Pentacle Theatre during a thunderstorm.  I loved that the guy on Fox 12 said that the media was making the storm into a big deal and needed to calm down.  I think I’ll be watching his weather reports in the future.  He seemed to be the only one to call the storm right.  Come on guys… this storm was like any other winter storm around here.  It was just a couple months early.
So that is the big report of the past couple of weeks.  See boring and normal… yet still plenty busy.  It is crazy.
Originally posted 30th September 2013 by Wendy Boyack on Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe powered by Blogger.

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