Family Friday

The May Report 

 The month of May was full of all kinds of adventure.

John and Lilli raised baby chicks in March and April, but decided to get fertilized eggs for a broody hen.  As if the first 10 baby chickens weren’t enough, they got 12 eggs!  The broody mama sat and sat… until the little ones began to peck their way out.

Broody Brownie (that is what Lilli named her) was a good mama chicken, even if we all didn’t start as good Chicken farmers.

The first mistake came in the form of a SPAM can used as a water dish.  The little chick fell in the water and drown.  Sad, sad day.

Happily, more baby chicks hatched.  In fact ALL 12 eggs hatched.

Next tragedy…. the big chicken ganged up on the mama chicken and her babies and murdered all but 4 babies.  I got in the coop with the chickens and screamed at them and poked them to save the babies and to collect their poor dead little bodies.  Hannah came to help but was only able to hold a bucket in her out stretched hand.  She couldn’t even look in my direction.

We blocked all the big chickens from coming into the coop until John and Lillian got an additional coop and moved all the chickens around.  Mama chicken is a good mom and is teaching her babies the ways of chickens…. scratching and pecking and dirt baths…

… the teen chickens are in their ugly teen stage and one began to crow so it found a new home….

… the big chickens are slowing down on egg production and will soon become dinner.  🙂

Hannah got a date… a nice boy she met at Thespian competition … and went to prom with a group of friends and their dates.

She cleans up real good.  🙂  She was on Prom commitee too.  She spent some time helping make decorations.

Actually, Prom activities didn’t start too early because the same day as Prom was State Solo competition.  She competed in the Mezzo-soprano division.  She did well even though she should have been in the Soprano division.

We rushed home from Portland to get to a CET staff meeting.

Then she was able to party with her friends.  I assume she had fun.  She doesn’t really talk about stuff any more.

Hannah also got to go to Phantom of the Opera with the young women of Monmouth 1st Ward.  They had an extra ticket, so I coughed up so dough and sent her off to see an amazing show (I’ve seen it more than once).

Of course, no month is complete without some fun with the grand kidlets – Ben and Freya

May brings Mother’s Day.  Ben and Freya made me these paintings and John gave me 2 cd’s and Hannah and Lilli did some chores… that was the extent of Mother’s Day.

I helped with the Spring play, The Foreigner.  It was a class.  I went to the school every day and did what the teacher needed me to do. (I will blog about the show later.)  Hannah was double cast as Betty, an older lady who owns a lodge in rural Georgia.  It was a good stretch for her to play an older lady… and she was pretty funny too.

The end of the month brought the final choir concert.  Hannah got a couple awards for being a leader in her section and in her choir.
There was also the final awards for Thespians and Hannah performed her theatre competition piece, as well as earned the awards of Best Actress and National Honor Thespians.  She has SO MANY points.
Hannah also went with Kimber and Ray and the rest of the Jessops to practice for the sand castle contest.  This year she will be the only Boyack to be on the team.
Here are a couple links to Lilli’s Spring Dance Recital.  She never left the stage she danced so much.  She did such a great job.  I am very proud of her.
I can’t find any video of Hannah’s performances so this will have to do until the end of June.
Originally posted 15th June 2015 by Wendy Boyack on Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe powered by Blogger.

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