Family Friday

The Week at the Boyack’s – Week 13 

This week school started in full force.  Tuesday was freshman day.  Hannah went to the high school.  She has chosen to go to school full time this year.  I’m not sure I like it.  I’m going to miss her happy influence at home.
Meanwhile, at home, Case has been looking for ways to entertain himself.  For whatever reason, he decided that wearing his undies on his head was the best game.  Perhaps he thought he looked more like Spiderman.  LOL
He is one weird child.  I decided he needed to start school too.  I spend about an hour doing “school” work with Case.  This week we started Dragons and Dinosaurs.  Lagi started coming everyday too.  Jo got a full time job (sweet!).  Lagi likes to do “school” too.
Lilli did fairly well getting back into the “school” routine.  Sometimes she has a problem with focus.  however, she was able to get every assignment done this week.  That is what I call success!
Chad started the week like this.  Games.  By Wednesday, we was into his school routine.  He has 2 choir classes at the HS in the morning and then he comes home to work with me for a couple hours.  He set up his own learning plan.  We work on writing, anatomy, Us History through a study of rock and roll, and personal fitness.  Chad has also decided to finish his Eagle.  He got his Camping and Personal Fitness badges signed off.  All he has left is his Person Management and Family Life.
Chad also ran a race in Turner on Thursday.  Kimber, Ray, Ben, Lilli, and John went to watch him.  He did very well… still nothing is good enough.  Chad is always disappointed him his performances.
Hannah and I didn’t get to go to the race.  We were at rehearsal for Little Mermaid.  I am helping with set, lights, and a little directing.  This wee I helped with blocking.
Friday night was the first football game of the season.  John, Lilli, and I went at half time because Lilli did a little cheer thing she learned at cheer camp.  We didn’t stay for the game.  However, we hear it was exciting that Central won the game over Dallas at the last second.
Saturday I started the set.  It’s a set with a basic platform structure and a bunch of hanging pieces.  I will also be building some fun “large” props.  I’m going to use the reeds we built for Honk and we will build some coral, rocks, a boat, and the like
I was surprised at how many people came to help.  I didn’t have all my materials yet!  Still, we got a good start on the platforms and Ursala’s Lair.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we get it done in the next couple weeks.
After set construction, Hannah and I went to the Pentacle for the volunteer picnic and then to Wal-mart.  Meanwhile, John was at home working on the porch.  He fixed my swing, sanding and refinishing it and started to fix the trim.  His plan is to paint the porch next Saturday.
Chad went to another race.  This race had him running through mud and being chased by bees.  Once again, he did good.  We will have to work at cleaning his spendy shoes though.
Meanwhile, Kimber helped me all week.  She is teaching Lilli dance on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  She stayed with the little people while I went to rehearsal in the afternoons.
McKay seems ok.  She is too hot and now sees the wisdom of multiple showers a day.  She started a job too.  She will need to start her own blog to really know what she’s been up to.

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