Family Friday

The Week at the Boyack’s – Week 16 

This week is best summed up in events.  We try to feed the missionaries once a week for lunch.  It all started as a way to make a connection with Chad.  That doesn’t always work.  But we keep trying.

This week we served them Frogmore Stew.  We learned this lunch from Myles.  The missionaries were shocked when I dumped lunch straight onto the table and told them to dip stuff straight off the table.  They begged for forks.  I said no.  hehehe.  Some missionaries took us up on wearing the girly aprons.  One decided that he was manly enough to stay clean.
I even made them eat jello out of cups without utensils.  It was kind of funny.  Lagi and Case thought it was great.  This is a 3 years old dream meal!
We needed to send a picture of the bridesmaid’s dresses to McKay.  Chad decided to “model” it for her and put on Hannah’s dress.  It fit…. well sort of.  His ribs were just a little too big to get the dress zipped all the way.  In case you are worried about Chad and his dress habits, just wait until you see what he is wearing the following week.  I think he just has to try clothes to prove that he is skinny enough.  Still disturbing.
Hannah and I are getting down to the wire on Little Mermaid.  I’m going to more rehearsals.  It opens next week so we are working hard to finish set pieces and props.  Most of this set is on the fly system.  It’s kind of fun.
I also taught Hannah about the basic rules of lighting design.  I did the first 6 cues with her and then turned her loose.  She has programmed about 60 cues so far. She still has a few left to go.  I will have to help her do some clean up, but she is catching on.  I’m excited to see all of her lighting ideas when she is done.
So that is the basics of the week.  Really, we are kind of boring.  We are super busy, but it is all doing the same thing over and over.  Maybe the new week will be a little more exciting.

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