Family Friday

The Week at the Boyack’s – Week 17 

This week was actually an exciting and busy week.  As you could tell from last week’s photo of Chad in Hannah’s dress, Chad has been experimenting with with clothes.  This week he decided to wear his pajamas like this.  He has lost enough weight that he can put both legs in one pj leg and the rest of his body in the other leg.  Hannah couldn’t stop laughing.  Seriously, I’ve had to buy all new clothes for the kids.  He finds it very funny to see what he can wear now.  Thus, PJ Man and Dress Boy.

I’ve been a little busy this week with helping at the HS and doctor appointments.  I came home to have this picture added to my collection.  It would appear that the people at home have too much time on their hands.  Kids!
Tuesday I worked at the HS because the school district invited a group from the Oregon Symphony.  The school district decided that Mr. Witt would work all things “school” related, but that they would hire outside help for “extra” activities.
I turned on the lights and made sure the sound behaved itself.  Here I am at the sound board at the high school.  I got paid $85 to sit and enjoy beautiful music and to design these…
… a paint design for Seussical the Musical JR.  My friend Robert hired me to paint his set for his school located in Salem.  I will be using flats I made for him this past spring and I will paint this design.  Meanwhile, I saved the tree from CET over the summer so that I can redesign it just a little for Horton’s tree.
I also drew this idea for Once Upon a Mattress.  It is the winter musical at CHS.  The director likes the design so I will commence on making a model and detailed drawings.  It’s hard to come up with a new castle with a completely new look and still have it look cool.  I’ve set the bar high on what I can create.  LOL.  I’d love to make a back drop with those windows.  That could cost a pretty penny.  I will have to see.  If I can’t create one I’ll use gobos.  But I’d like the back drop.
We got to sit in the dentist office this week.  Hannah gets braces next week and had to have her teethe sparkling clean.  Case has trouble being nice in public situations.  For whatever reason, he believes everything belongs to him.  Hmmm…. He’s got some rude awakenings in his future.
I did some canning this week.  However, the protection on the deck did not survive the wind storm that kicked up on Wednesday.  I was able to get two batches of tomatoes in jars.  My garden isn’t producing as many tomatoes as I hoped it would.  On the up side, I have tons of green peppers.  I have never been successful growing peppers.  I’m hoping to get enough tomatoes to use the green peppers and make salsa and spaghetti sauce.  If I can’t harvest enough, I’ll have to buy a few.  I’m hoping to can that on Friday.
Kimber and Ben have been hanging out at my house while I help with Little Mermaid.  It’s a little bit of a bummer that I’m not home when they come to visit.
Ben is a cutey!  He is very curious and loves to crawl around and explore.

However, he has come to that stage of life when he only wants mom.  Yes.  He will flirt and tease, but when it comes right down to it he only has eyes for his mom.  If it’s a good day, his dad will do.

Chad had a race on Saturday afternoon in Philomath.  John went to watch him run.  Once again, Chad reached another personal best.  He is now running his 5k in 21 minutes and a few seconds.  His goal is to get under 20 minutes.  He only has a couple more races until districts.  I’m not sure what he will do after he is done with cross country.
I think he will still run.  He seems to like that.  He has said that he won’t do basketball.  That would be hard to pick up in your senior year.  With his new body type I can’t see him wrestling.
Saturday was Marathon day at Central for Little Mermaid.  I designed the set for this production and I teach all the tech crew what to do and help the thing move along smoothly.  This year I taught Hannah the basics of light design, how to program the light board, and turned her loose.
Kimber and Ben came to watch the “family” dress rehearsal while Ray was at the Priesthood session of Conference.  Ben does pretty good at plays… well this play.  I think he likes the music and all the color on stage.  Kimber even got involved with helping with make-up.  I think she will do make-up every night of the performances too.  That will be fun.
This is the first scene… Eric’s boat.  Most of this set is on the “fly”.  This is the first time I’ve designed for the fly system.

For under sea scenes the Sail flies up and the sea moves up too.  We also made “coral” that moves into place with the help of sea creatures.  We turned a rolling kitchen chair into a large shell throne

The sea “flies” down again for land scenes.  It “hides” behind the set structure.  That way, when the sea rises we look a little like we went “under” the sea.
Ursula’s Lair is my favorite.  The sea “flies” up and we lower a rag drape to give it a cave feeling.  The eel on the right is Hannah.  She is pretty creepy.
We transformed another rolling kitchen chair into Ursula’s throne with black fabric and dryer hoses spray painted purple and blue.  It too is pretty creepy.
We resurrected the cool fish heads from Seussical the Musical.  All the Sailors double as the fish guard of Triton’s court.  Starmite costumes, Cinderella costumes, and old Dance Team costumes all make an appearance.  The costume designer is a student.  She did the costumes as her senior project.  An army of mom’s helped her put them all together.
We stacked a bunch of stuff in the corner for Ariel’s cave of wonders.  Too bad the picture is a bad one.  You can sort of see the coral we made though.
One of my favorite costumes/props are the jelly fish.  They put rags on umbrellas made of lace and put battery operated lights inside.  They look really cool.  Too bad my phone doesn’t capture their look.
A parent helped make this cool boat.  It rolls around nicely.  I also used all the reeds we made for Honk.  I love recycling set pieces.  I think I only spent $250 on the set.  Not bad if you ask me.
So that was our week.  Little Mermaid will open this coming Friday and run through October 20.  This week is Homecoming week so I’m sure I will have some interesting pictures.  Since we missed Conference on Saturday I listened to all of the conference sessions on Sunday.  I’m very grateful for the technology to do so.  I loved every minute.  I was sad when it was done.  Most of the family caught most of the sessions too.  Now the trick is to apply everything I learned.  I’ve got my work cut out for me!  I’m also still working on feeling a little better.  I went again to the Chinese med doctor.  Once again I was a pin cushion.  It was suggested that I remove all refined sugar from my diet.  That is tough.  It’s in everything!  I have much to work on.  I’m still not able to work out much.  My Achilles is still swollen.  At least it is now reduced to the size of a golf ball.  Maybe this week will be better.

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