Family Friday

Week at the Boyack’s – Week 18 

What a busy week!  At least the week always begins with a peaceful Sunday family dinner.  It is hard to get everyone to sit together.  Chad doesn’t like to come to the table because he rarely eats what we are eating and because he can’t bare to turn off football.

However, he will make time to come to the table when Kimber, Ray and Ben come to dinner.  I think it is because they are pretty entertaining at the dinner table.  Well… at least Ben is.  He wants to feed himself now.  He wants to drink from cups… all this because he wants to be big.
This Sunday meal was pretty remarkable.  Most of it came, or could have come from our yard!  We had grapes from the yard… our first harvest ever!  The stir fry had green peppers, celery, green beans, and carrots from the garden.  The chicken didn’t really come from the yard… but it could have.  It was pretty fun to sit down and realise that we are getting more and more self reliant and more “green”  or “clean” in what we eat.
This week all the dogs got a bath.  This is a major ordeal… at least for the dogs.  It takes Lillian several hours to catch them, tie them down,and wash them.  We are about to move into winter and it will be harder to bath them in coming months.  After getting baths, they all got flea meds.  Maybe they will stop scratching .
Since the weather was good Lagi found an interesting outfit to help.  Case has is easy.  He can just wear his shorts.
As long as they were already wet, they got to play in the hot tub.  However, the next day they did not.  Case and Lagi decided to break into the hot tub chemicals and dumped them all out!  AGH~!  Case was mad at me for saying no.  He called me stupid.  He got to taste soap for the first time.
This week was Homecoming week.  There weren’t many “spirit days” because this was a 4 day week… teacher in-service or something like that.  The first day was 50’s Day.  Both Hannah and Chad dressed up.  I got a picture of Hannah, but missed getting a picture of Chad.  He wore jeans, a white t-shirt, and a leather jacket.  I had to laugh when he announced that the leather jacket was great!  It was warm.  I think it will be his new favorite jacket.
The next day was Pirate Day.  They didn’t really dress up.  I think Hannah wore a red bandanna and called it good.  The third day was Nerd Day.  As you can see, both kids dressed up.  Now, although Chad doesn’t look that “nerdy”, I think he wins the nerd contest.  He actually paid Hannah to wear her “party pants”!  Hannah is pretty smart if you ask me.
Personally, I’ve never really got into Spirit Week.  Both kids went to the Powder Puff Game. The seniors won.  I know.  Surprise.  It’s all rigged anyway.  Chad participated in the Amazing Race.  Jacob was on his team.  They had to solve crazy riddles and eat nasty stuff.  The worst was when they went to McDonald’s.  They asked if there was clue there.  The McDonald’s people said yes, but that one of the team members had to eat a nasty burger thing.  They had cleaned all the charcoal off the bottom of the grill and put it on a bun.  Jacob made it half way through before the employees confessed that they weren’t part of the game and that he ate it for nothing.  GROSS!
They had to cancel the Bonfire because we hadn’t had any rain lately.  Friday was the big game.  Chad and Hannah dressed as super fans.  Chad’s choir sang the National Anthem.  I got to stay at home for a few sweet hours of peace and quiet.  I hear that Central won the game.
The kids sat with the Jessops at the game.  After the Homecoming Court was announced John went and got Lillian.  She was bored.  She did like seeing all the Homecoming Court.  Two girls from church were on the court.  Kimberly Tarnasky and Jerikka White.  I think it’s great that they are being a good example for the little girls to look up to.
After the game, Hannah organized a movie party.  She and Chad were not interested in going to the dance.  They invited Kimber, Ray and Ben over to watch the movie.  Funny thing… everyone fell asleep in the first 15 minutes.  LOL.  Kimber, Ray and Ben went home.
There was no school (and no seminary) on Friday.  I got to sleep in until 7!  My body doesn’t let me sleep much longer than that.  We got a little rain that day.  What a relief!  It was also the opening night for Little Mermaid.  Hannah (on the right) is having fun playing one of the evil eels.  Getting her “look” has been a painful experience.  The first day that they tried out a hair idea, it took 1 hour and 45 minutes to comb out the rats… and that was using an entire bottle of lotion to make it easier.
The next day wasn’t as bad.  This time Kimber braided it backward and then sprayed and pinned the pony tail into a fin on the top of her head.  It takes a long time to put up, but it is a good effect.  It also can be washed out in the shower.  Kimber also helped come up Hannah’s make up.
This was a cool look.  It looked a little Goth on stage.  So Kimber came up with more ideas.  What they finally decided to do was a combination of Kimber’s design and a couple things from Mr. Witt.
Meanwhile, the out fits that Chad is wearing in public is getting ridiculous.  I caught this one on Facebook.  The girl that took is at school said they were goofing off.  I guess it was a bathrobe or something they found in the ASBEC room.
The biggest news of Friday was that the Wedding Announcements came in the mail.  Hannah and I put the address stickers on the postcards.  I made a few temple inserts too and put a few in envelopes.  We also had to change the address for the reception in New Mexico.
It did keep me pretty busy.  Tomorrow I take them all to the post office.  You all should be looking for yours in the mail.  Sure hope I have every one’s correct address.
Saturday morning we were surprised by a visit form a return missionary.  Elder Wilson was in the house!  We loved this guy!  It turns out that he plays football for Dixie.  He came to Monmouth to play against WOU for their Homecoming game.  Sadly, Wilson lost… but happily, Uncle Taps and WOU won!  Chad went to the game while John worked extra hours on Saturday and the rest of us went to the high school for the matinee and night performances of Little Mermaid.
Oh, I forgot… I got new shows.  I’ve been having trouble with my Achilles and shoes hurt.   The only shoes that don’t hurt are my Birkenstocks.  But they are sandals.  Socks get wet around here in the winter when you wear Birkenstocks.  Anyway, my sandals were broken.  I took them to get repaired and found these.  They are a little spendy, but my heal hasn’t been hurting me since Friday!
I added “stars” to the Lagoon scene in Little Mermaid.  It’s cheesy, but hey!  What do you want?  It’s a cute show.  Saturday had a few issues with sound.  I think we had a batch of bad batteries.  They wouldn’t last long and they were hot when you took them out to change them.  It’s time to get new ones.  hopefully this week we won’t have these issues.
Saturday was a sing-a-long performance.  Very few people actually sang.  Sad.  But tons wanted pictures with the cast after the show.  It was a mad house.   I think we took pictures for nearly an hour.  LOL.  The kids were tired.  They better not apply at Disney anytime soon.  LOL.
Lillian wanted to dress up.  She got clothes that she thought looked like an eel and had Kimber do her hair.  They say emulation is the best form of showing who you look up to.   Good thing her big sister is such a good example.  Case came too.  Lillian helped him get pictures with all the cast.
This has been a good experience for Hannah.  She didn’t get the role she wanted, but she is stretching as an actor.  She will have to pay her dues.  She is a freshman, after all.  She also has the curse of being my kid.  I think it will work against her.  Petty people like to complain.  One thing they like to complain about is that she gets to do things because I help at the high school.  Whatever… she is often passed over because of these rumors.  I say… let her talent and personalty allow her to do what she can do.  She is talented.  I’m not just saying that because I’m her mom.
I think the most frustrating thing about the show is tech.  The school thinks that the students will start doing tech for things so they won’t really need me.  Fine.  I can live with that.  However, we can’t even get enough to run a simple show.  Two adults and a former student are currently helping with the fly rail, spot light and the light board.  The former student is the most frustrating.  She isn’t being very honest and has been caught in several lies from rumors that she is being paid to her chew spit bottles I found in the control booth.  I’m not sure what to do about it, but the safety of the students comes first.  I am grateful for a director that supports my feelings.  One more strike and she will be out.
So that is our week.  This week is shaping up to be more of the same.  At least we now have RAIN!  We’ve all missed the rain.  I heard thunder today while I was sitting in Primary.  It was so exciting!

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