Family Friday

Week at the Boyacks – Week 24 – Chapter 3 

After two of the longest yet rewarding and joyous days, Wednesday was a letdown. We gathered all the items we had borrowed for the party, returned them and put them all away. Most of the day was spent cleaning… cleaning up the flood, cleaning up after the wedding stuff dumped in the house… cleaning up after having guests. It included tons of dishes, laundry, and general pick up. By late afternoon we were ready to head over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house.

We got a much later start than we had hoped. As a result, we got to drive over the pass in the dark and through a snow storm. As we dropped over the hill where the highways meet we were shocked at the chaos. Cars were parked willy-nilly to put on chains. I just threw it into 4-wheel drive and kept driving. It really wasn’t all that bad. Then again, I learned to drive in the ice and snow.

Thanksgiving morning we all packed up and went to a race – the I Love Pie Race. Anna found the race for us. The cost to race was 5 items of food and $5. It wasn’t really a competitive race. A couple thousand people were all crammed into some alley in downtown Bend near Mirror Pond. Chad was a little frustrated. He wanted to Race.

The announcer made it fairly clear – this was about having fun. “IT’S NOT ABOUT WINNING. I NEVER WIN ANYTHING,” he yelled. We laughed. “It isn’t fun unless you have fun.” It must have hurt his brain to think of such deep philosophical thought so early in the morning.

Most people started to run/walk. Grandma Mabee, Hannah, and I strolled along. We had to cross some busy roads. About at the ½ way mark we turned around. My Achilles was really hurting me because I had the wrong shoes. My good shoes were soaking wet from the flood. Anna turned the little kids around at 2k. Chad and Anna ran extra because the mark for the 5k wasn’t very clear. John was lost, but he figured out that he should turn around.

Chad was the first back to the finish line in our group. His run was 23 minutes. We really aren’t sure how far he ran. Anna was next. Then she ran back to get everyone else. We saw John walking toward the finish line. Chad yelled at him to get running. It made me smile.

After the race they served pie. It was a crack up. There was a long line and one small kid picking pie at these long tables. John just went around and got what he wanted. What a goofball. Anna brought a pie to share. She named it Idiot’s Delight. They had mixed all the fruit leftovers into their left over pie crust. It was all eaten! It always surprises me what people will eat.

I also enjoyed the hats people were wearing. There were some great ones… a shark hat, a crab hat, rainbow dreadlocks, panda bears and turkey hats. People are sure willing to make themselves look silly for a good cause.

However, I think the most memorable moments of the morning were Grandma Mabee’s driving skills. Seriously! She scares me! The night before she and Anna had complained about my dad’s driving skills going over the mountain the night before. They said they were scared. We had chatted about how hard it would be to talk to a parent about when it was time to give up driving because their reflexes were not what they used to be, or they weren’t as observant, or their minds might be wandering. It really is a serious subject. Not only do some elderly driver pose a danger to themselves, they are often a danger to others on the road. After this great conversation imagine how scary it was to be riding shot gun and have my mom blow through TWO stop signs. She didn’t even see them. She didn’t even slow down for the round-abouts and nearly hit a car. She wasn’t really sure where she was going. She cut people off in traffic. Looks like I may be having that conversation sooner than not with my parents. LOL.

Driving isn’t the only safety issue. When we drove up to the house it smelt awful! Something was burning. We all ran in. My dad carried the glowing pan to the front deck. My mom had left the stove on and cooked the turkey neck to charcoal. She’s lucky the house didn’t burn down.

This led to a funny discussion about all the different ways my parents have cooked a turkey over the years. There was the time my brother Paul convinced my mom to soak the turkey in some kind of salty water. That turkey was so salty that we all needed gallons of water to choke it down. Another time Paul convinced my mom cook the turkey at 500 for an hour. Now that was an interesting turkey. I think the all time favorite was the “Flame thrower” turkey. My dad had shot a wild turkey that year. He wanted to “deep fry” the little sucker. He got my mom’s canner and filled it with oil and put it on the BBQ. Please remember, my dad is a retired firefighter. That doesn’t stop him from making some interesting choices. I guess the oil wasn’t getting hot enough, so he got his modified flame thrower out and turned up the heat. The bird was a charcoal mess. LOL. Good thing my mom had an additional turkey in the oven.

Everyone pitched in to making dinner. I love that. No room in the kitchen because we are working on something. I worked on sweet potatoes. Anna worked on mashed potatoes. My made rolls. Sarah, Anna’s sister in-law made stuffing.  All the boys watched football.  you can’t get more traditional than that!  LOL!

Eventually, we all sat down and started with the “glads”. This is a fun tradition. Most of the kids were glad for parents or for food. I even shared what McKay and Myles and Kimber and Ray were thankful for. It was weird having a holiday without all my kids. This was the first holiday without all my kids around. Me. I guess it’s time to get used to that. There will be fewer and fewer holidays with all my kids home.

It was fun to catch up with a few of my siblings and their families. Anna and John were there with their kids. John brother and his family joined us too. My sister Jana and David came. They brought Ira and his girlfriend. My grandma White came. She brought her friend Bob.

After dinner, most people took the dog for a walk. John and stayed behind and chatted with David Hyder. Jana and David are selling their house and are moving to Klamath Falls. They are very excited. They have found a cute house they are looking forward to fixing up. They will find some work there too. David was a hoot! He described the music stores there as having nothing… that they couldn’t even be a front for a drug selling racket. That made me and John laugh hard.

Friday we all went to the movies. Grandma took the little kids to see an animated movie. John and I went with Anna and John, Chad, Hannah, and Andrew to see the new James Bond movie. I really liked it. Of course, it is James Bond and I am a long time fan! Then we just hung out the rest of the day. Anna was real nice and spent hours with Chad helping him with his math. I wish she lived closer. It was the first time I’ve seen Chad calm when it came to math assignments.

Saturday we headed home. I had a production meeting for Legally Blonde around noon in Salem. John dropped me at the meeting on the way through town. After meeting the rest of the production team I enjoyed learning about my role in my next big project. Auditions are in 3 week and the performances will be in March. It sounds like fun.

After my meeting, John picked me up and we went to Home Depot. Saturday was my anniversary. Believe it or not, I wanted tools. John was so surprised! The thing is that I am building so many sets now it would be nice to have tools of my own. We picked up a cordless drill or two. I showed him a tool belt I liked and some other tools that would be helpful to own while building sets.

We also got some dinner and saw a movie. It was a new Clint Eastwood movie. I liked it… even if it was about baseball. We got home early enough to enjoy some time at home before bed.

Sunday was yet another one of my seminary students heading on a mission.  He will be leaving next week for Chile.  He gave a talk in Sacrament meeting.  Chad came to listen.  Hannah ran home to get him when we realised that it was Dean’s Sunday.  Josh came to listen too.  He just got his call to Germany.  Raji goes into the MTC this week. It is so cool.  I’m so proud of these boys and the boys that are already out:  Jon, Jacob… oh and Jenny, even if she isn’t a boy.  LOL. John took a picture for me of my latest missionaries.

So that was the week. It was one wild ride!

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