Family Friday

Week at the Boyack’s – Week 24 – Chapter 2 

Chapter 2

With only 3 hours of sleep, Tuesday morning came far too early… and we hit the ground running.

Kalisha was a doll and arrived by 7am to do make up for everyone and hair for all the bridesmaids. Myles’ sister worked on McKay’s hair. Per tradition, we had ice cream for breakfast. I know. Healthy. Everyone seemed happy and cheerful despite the pouring rain and the lack of sleep.

We had hoped for a few pictures before the wedding, so Myles and McKay hopped into their car and I hopped in Sharlene’s van (Sharlene did a great job taking pictures for us. Everyone should hire her) and we headed north up the freeway. Every once in a while the weather would tease us with a glimpse of blue sky. Intermittent rain and blue skies mixed with some confusion of who was getting Myles’ mom and grandpa to the temple made for a few tense moments on the drive. However, we were able to lighten the mood with a few jokes and reassuring phone calls.

My favorite was a conversation between Sharlene and Leah (her daughter). Shar: Look at those geese flying in a V. Leah: Looks like flying Thanksgiving Dinner to me. That’s the kind of moments that kept us all sane.

Upon arriving at the temple we decided to brave the sprinkles and take a few pictures. We didn’t bother with the wedding dress because we didn’t want to chance a soaked, soiled dress. Shar is a genius and got a couple great pictures. They fit the personality of McKay and Myles as well as gave a great window into the amazing day.

After pictures we went into the temple. We only had one small issue. Myles’ grandpa’s temple recommend wasn’t signed by the Stake President or activated. John and I said a quick prayer and I followed McKay to the dressing room. Thankfully, the temple was agreeable to hunting down the Stake President and helped his grandpa get to the sealing.

We had many people joining us at this amazing occasion. Sister Teal, Sister Tharp, The Hiltons, the Jessops, the Tapasa’s, Grandparents Mabee, Grandparents Boyack, the Tadlocks, the Hewitts, Sharlene, and the Dunmires, including Dean who leaves soon on his mission. It was fun to see a few family members and many who seen like family in the temple in support of McKay and Myles.

Just before the sealing was to start, a temple worker came and asked for the bride’s mom. I stood and followed her. I was led to another room. It appeared that the sealer had stepped on the back of McKay’s dress and broke all the ribbons holding up and bustling the train. I didn’t even have a safety pin or duct tape! I just shoved the train up McKay’s backside as far as I could reach and hoped that it would stay because her dress was so tight. “Clinch your cheeks, dear,” I told her. She just had to get to the end of the ceremony. It was hard to control our giggles. It’s not every day that you see a lady under a bride’s dress shoving that dress where the sun don’t shine.

The sealing went well. My sister Anna wrote down what she remembered for McKay and Myles. I do remember a few things. I was touched that he shared that he had been praying and pondering what he should say at this very sealing. He shared that he awoke at 3am with the answer and got up and wrote it down. A few of the tips I do remember were to center your life on the Savior; spend time studying the scriptures, pray and attend the temple to get to know Him; develop Christ-like characteristic; help your spouse become celestial; among other things.

I appreciated that Myles cried throughout the ceremony. It reminded me of my own little marshmallow. After everything was done I hugged McKay and told her that I was proud of her and that I loved that she too had picked a marshmallow… and that it was time to roast him. LOL!

Meanwhile, Chad, Hannah, and the Tapasa girls were responsible for Anna’s kids and Lillian and Leah. Heather, McKay’s friend and a bridesmaid asked many questions throughout the day. Hannah did a great job answering Heather’s questions, especially since Hannah hasn’t been through all of that the temple has to offer. Heather sat through many of the visitor center booths. It seemed like she was learning lots. Moana got Chad involved with the visitor center as well. She got him to go on a scavenger hunt around the temple grounds and to play some of their interactive games. He even beat her at the temple game earning 16000 points on the temple map remembering where temples are throughout the earth. It appears he remembers more than he is willing to admit. LOL.

After the sealing the temple workers (John called them weather people dressed in white) hurried us along. It seems the sun was out! Reverently, we all hurried out. Cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends waited outside the Bride and Groom exit. Cameras were ready and the newly married couple stepped out into the sunshine. Sadly, the Maxey family missed the grand exit. However, they were able to set up for a nice family picture before God’s sense of humor unleashed a downpour. Everyone ran, or shuffled, for cover.

Alexa looked around and said, “Well, It’s a WET-ing.”

It was obvious that pictures would have to wait. Everyone was soaked. The wine colored shirts on the groomsmen looked horrible. McKay hugged Chad and stained the front of her dress. Everyone was freezing and huddled under the temple awning. We had to get everyone out of the temple entrance so that other people could come and go in temple worship. It was decided that everyone would head for Monmouth to launder the clothing and that the bride, groom, photographer and me would see so we could get a couple pictures of the bride and groom at the temple.

About 15 minutes after the group left the sun came out and we were able to get a bunch of cute shots.

We headed home after a quick stop at Deseret Book for the rest of McKay’s under clothing. We were all grateful for the snacks John remembered to leave on the seat of Shar’s car. It had been a long day and we were all hungry.

Once we got home Anna went to work on the wedding dress stains with the “Pickle”. We hurried everyone out the door for the family dinner my sweet friend Amanda made for me. Somehow we were able to get everyone looking good and warmed up again after the soaking they all got at the temple.

Family dinner hit the spot… yummy soups, salad and wraps. Amanda even remembered that I can’t have wheat. She is so thoughtful! Everyone was fed and happy. The Grandparents Boyack and the Hewitt’s were a little late for dinner, so we didn’t get to visit much. The rest of us had moved on to last minute reception preparation.

After dinner we lined people up and did all the pictures we couldn’t do at the temple. After Shar sends them to me, I will post them on the blog for all to enjoy. I think they will be amazing. We got a picture of everyone with the bride and groom. We even got a little suit for Ben and for Case to match. Case was an honorary brother for the occasion.

The reception looked amazing! I was amazed that only one vine escaped and fell over the 24 hours between set up and party. We got many comments on the ceiling. It was genius. It really was breath taking.

We had some amazing last minute helpers working in the kitchen. Monday night I learned that others had fallen through and that Amanda would be on her own. I went to the single’s ward FHE and begged for help. I had 3 takers. One guy came to help that I didn’t know and I didn’t even catch his name. Sarah J. and Katie also volunteered. Amanda recruited Raji for a couple hours and Janica D. came and did the late shift. The Tapasa girls took turns with Jo, Moana, Sai and Sina all working as servers and cleaners the whole night.

The food was amazing… cold cuts, sliced cheese, crackers, delicious cupcakes, lavender lemonade (John’s favorite) and a hot chocolate bar with flavored creamers to cool it down. Even the M&M’s on the tables seemed to be a hit.

There were fewer people than the last reception we threw, but it looked like most everyone was having a great time. I think we can blame the lack of attendees on being the Thanksgiving week and school conferences. We had a projector that flashed slideshows of McKay and Myles. Chad was assigned to refresh the password on the computer to keep things moving along. Kimber had made a great play list. The sound system at the church is lame and we couldn’t hear it well. At one point, Amanda wandered over to Chad and I and said, “this reminds me of a bad stake dance.” We couldn’t stop giggling. It was true. No one was dancing and everyone was sitting or standing on the fringes.

Many people came to celebrate with us. We had people from the ward and people from the community. There is nothing like a Mormon wedding reception to share the gospel with others. People we knew from the community that came to celebrate were the Richards (great friends from years of dance), the Schersingers (family friends from home school year and community scouting), the Takas’ (friends from lessons and scouting), the Layton, (friends from theater adventures), all of McKay’s Jamba work crew, and one of my best friends, Jeff Witt. It was an honor have them celebrate this great event with us!

My Aunt Gail (my dad’s sister) and my cousin Lori came too. I love seeing them! We didn’t get to see them often. My dad likes to tease his sister. I laughed at her reaction. She called him a “little s*@#!” Lori quickly responded with, “Mother! We are in church.” LOL. At least they feel comfortable being themselves. We even talked about putting together a family reunion for the summer. I’d like that. My dad’s side of the family doesn’t get together very often.

Long lost relatives from John’s side of the family came too. Grandpa Boyack’s cousin Loren Davis visited from Corvallis. Who knew that a relative lived so close? Even more amazing is that he knew who Paul and Gena are. Small world.

The most memorable moments of the evening had to be the couple’s first dance and the dance with dad. The music was so soft they had to make it all up as they went. Then there was the cutting of the cake. Shar had to give the newlyweds a tutorial on wilding the knife. Once the cake was cut there came a little tension in the air. Then the groom sprang into action. He later confessed that he just didn’t want her to get the upper hand, in case she was thinking about smashing it into his face. He wanted to do it first. It was quite the food fight. Cake was everywhere: all over their faces, in their hair, all over their wedding clothes. Most people thought it was hilarious. One person was not impressed. She helped to clean up a bit, but lectured John on the lack of decorum and how much she hated this new tradition. I don’t think McKay liked it much either. However, Anna came to the rescue again with the “Pickle”. She was able to clean up the bride and the dress and the bride and groom were quickly ready to mingle with the guests.

We finally reached the end of the night. The bride and groom left to change and we turned on the gym lights and started to take it all down. It all came down much faster than it went up. It always works that way. We had plenty of helpers: Susan B., the Swineharts, Janica D., the Hewitts, the Maxeys, Anna, grandparents Mabee, Kimber and Ray all pitched in to help.

We had extra cupcakes and veggies so we donated them to the Thanksgiving lunch at Central. They were greatly appreciated.

After most of the help had left we stayed late to mop and ended up chatting for an hour with Susan B. It was nice to decompress after such a long day. We finally got home around midnight. We were so tired! I think I will chalk it up to fatigue that John then prayed that MaryKay and Myles would drive safe. He is a marshmallow. Earlier he had been saying the family prayer and stated bawling like a baby when he prayed about McKay moving. This time he was mixing up names. This is a bit of a lifelong habit for him. A few days after we were married he didn’t understand why I didn’t respond to MaryJane (his sister’s name). At least he got half of McKay’s name right.

Before the bride and groom left they opened all the presents and Ray and Anna somehow got them all to fit into McKay and Myles’ little car.

Tender mercies:

The temple workers were able to find a Stake President so that Myles’ grandpa could attend the sealing.

Everyone arrived safe and on time to the temple, all braving the storm.

Sister Teal invited Myles’ mom and grandpa to exchange seats so that they didn’t need to sit alone.

McKay’s dress stayed put through the ceremony and the nice temple ladies found safety pins for me to fix the bustle for the temple exit and pictures.

Carol gave Anna a “Pickle.” Carol wasn’t able to come to the wedding, but she did save the day because she gave Anna the “Pickle.” The “Pickle” can get you out of any pickle. It has everything… wipes, nail trimmers, a Tide pen, needles and thread, pins, etc. I’m thinking that everyone needs a “Pickle.”

Sun breaks here and there.

Missionary moments Heather… and with Chad.

Friends and angels. They are the same.

Amanda – the amazing cook and organizer.

Megan – the vision of composer and creativity.

Elizabeth – a wizard with a cake and frosting.

Kimber and Ray – model examples of patience, hard work, and creativity.

Jeff – the most generous person I know.

Jo – a gal that can get it done.

Children and angels… they are the same too.

A Happy Married Couple…

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