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Week at the Boyacks – Week 24 – Chapter 1 

This week has too many experiences that must be remembered to make just one post. No one would read it because this week is a novel. Therefore, I’ve decided to take on this week in Chapters.

Chapter One

Monday morning seemed like another Monday morning after staying up later than I should because we “had” to watch Galaxy Quest because Myles has never seen it. I must add that he STILL has not seen it. He was the only person smart enough to fall asleep. LOL. But don’t worry. He is not out of a Boyack Family classic. I am sure that John will make sure Myles will see it someday.

I was a little blurry as I stumbled out of bed. It was going to be a busy day.

After breakfast, we headed up to the church to start preparation for the big par-tay to celebrate McKay and Myles getting married. I am not a fancy person, but McKay is, even if she doesn’t admit it. Kimber and our good friend Megan had searched Pintrest for ideas and we finally had an idea that we thought we could do that would make McKay happy. I gathered all the goods… lights from friends and tulle and vines and vases from even more generous friends. Megan and I also scored with stuff often used for Prom with bird cages, fancy lighted trees, balls of flowers, and lamp posts.

Megan cracked the whip and got everyone working… John and Ray were assigned to build the canopy. They started with a hula hoop. It just wasn’t working. Ray mumbled to himself that he wished he had a bike rim. John had one laying around. Go figure. He ran down the street and they were off and running. Meanwhile, MaryJane, Connor, Ethan, Hannah, Kimber, Heather, McKay, Myles and myself started to lay out vines, lights, tulle. Myles mom, sisters and brother helped for a little while but they left before lunch. When we came to a standstill we worked on setting up tables and tying bows on the bird cages, table clothes, lighting for the tables and the like.

My favorite moment of set up was when Ray was working on a wire and it snapped. Case looked up and said, “Way to go Ray.” I busted a gut laughing.

Jim had gone to get Grandma and Grandpa Boyack from the airport. I ran for pizza… and the rain began to POUR. I was a soggy drown rat by the time I got back to the church with lunch. Within an hour the parking lot was beginning to fill. This is a problem. We live down stream!

Around 4 I headed home to help my friend Debrah with oils for a nasal problem. It didn’t look good. I ran around the house. I needed a BOAT! Debrah was nice and drove around to the cul-de-sac behind us. We both exclaimed, “Oh my!” It was full. A raging river was flowing… rather shooting out between the houses from the farm field behind us. We were trouble.

I ran back up to the church to see how things were going. Only a few people were left helping. My friend Megan is an angel! She just kept going.

It began to rain harder. It was coming down in sheets! Sometimes it was blowing sideways off the cars!

I ran back down the street to the house. I opened the door to the garage. We had about 4 inches of water FLOWING through the garage! Chad jumped up from his video game and we began to pick up stuff off the floor. I called the church and told John I needed help. McKay, Myles, Connor, and John ran home. We put all the soaked laundry in baskets and put it on the back porch. We threw away trash… sadly including bags of wheat and rice I hadn’t had time to put away higher on a shelf or in buckets, clothes I was planning on taking to Goodwill, and the recycling that had fallen out of the can. I think we nearly filled the trash trailer and the trash can. We shoveled water and pushed the water out the door. We weren’t making progress. It was getting worse.

Connor was working hard, “I have to admit that this is the first time I’ve ever shoveled water.” LOL! Sadly, it is not our first time.

John even went and got a second sump pump to help the sump pump that was working it’s tail off. The water level stayed the same.

I couldn’t call my VT. One was working on the food for the wedding. I was watching my other VT little boy while she worked. We were shoveling water when she came to get him. My HT were not around either. One is moving to Pennsylvania and one never answered his phone. I tried to call lots of other people. No one was home. I finally called Yvonne. She got Isaac and Jacob and they went to Marr Court. Isaac waded out to the drain, around 3 feet deep, to unclog it. The water level didn’t change much. They came around to our house with sandbag. We thought that we might slow things down if we stopped the water from flowing into the air vents in the foundation.

We needed more sand bags.

Jacob, Yvonne, and Chad jumped into the Jessops Excursion to get more. Jacob is learning to drive. He pulled out of the driveway but as he tried to avoid his brother’s car, he took the corner too tight and wiped out the electric box that sits next to the side of the driveway. Side note. John called the City to report the damage on Wednesday. The lineman came and scolded John for not reporting the damage on Monday. But Yvonne had reported it that night. The City was even given the Jessop insurance information. I feel the City now responsible to the damage not being dealt with. The man said it was very dangerous and that someone would have died if they had touched it. This makes me so mad because we wouldn’t have a problem if the City had solved the drainage problem in the first place. GAH! I sure hope they don’t go after the Jessop. If so… I’ll go after them.

Anyway, we eventually were able to get the water flow to stop… and the clean up began. After Thanksgiving I will have to bleach the floor to kill germs. It’s just been a busy week. At least Yvonne was nice enough to take my laundry and brought it back clean and dry. 🙂

During the middle of all this, I got a phone call that the schools were on 2 hour delay due to flooding all around town. That meant that seminary needed to be cancelled. I couldn’t get a hold of my substitute teacher or the other teacher, so I started calling all the seminary students myself. It took me awhile, but I got everyone… even the sub. And I got my classroom disassemble. Just one more thing to do on the list.

After things were under control at the house, and I had made dinner for the masses, I ran back to the church. Kimber, Ray and Megan had finished with what we had. We all felt like something was missing. Maybe we needed plants. I couldn’t find anyone with nice plants… so I called one of my best friends. He is an angel and met me after 9pm. We got all the theater plants, a park bench, and then he came out with the mother load… these cool arches and iron gates. Once again, Megan showed her true colors and came back to the church to put on the finishing touches. Shar came to set up her photo area and our friend Alicen came and helped for a couple hours. We didn’t leave the church until around midnight but it looked great!

HUGE thanks to Kimber, Ray, MaryJane, Megan and Witt. All credit goes to them for how awesome it looked. The bride and groom were pleasantly surprised the next day when they saw it.

I was so tired. But I wasn’t done. I still needed to alter a bridesmaid dress and finish the slide show of pictures. It was a long eventual day. We set up a reception; we cancelled seminary; we survived a flood; we met the in-laws; we entertain guests from out of town; we sewed on some dresses; we made a picture slide show… oh and it was my birthday.

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