Family Friday

Week at the Boyack’s – Week 23 

This week has been so eventful as we all enjoy having McKay around for the last time.  We have spent most of our time getting ready for “The Big Day”… some of it getting stuff together for the reception… some of it hair… some of it working extra to pay for the whole shin dig.    John worked lots of over time.  He has a special project at work that is keeping him hopping.  He has also been busy with some extra training for the school board.    We have all been so busy that we have nearly missed the quiet moments.  For example, Hannah was “jones-ing” for pancakes one morning, so Lillian and McKay snuck out to the store and surprised Hannah with pancakes.  I think it made her day.

Most mornings I get out of bed and my spot is filled by Chad.  Some mornings John gets up and his spot is filled by Hannah.  I thought we were all too old for sleeping in mom’s bed!  Think again!  Hannah and Chad are often snuggle buddies.   As we work on a slide show for McKay’s wedding, I can’t wait to add these pictures into future marriage slide shows.  I also can’t wait until my bed remains MY BED!
Our supper awesome friend Kalisha helped everyone with their hair this week.  McKay got high lights and low lights, plus a little trim.  Lillian got her hair trimmed.  Kimber got a new hair cut and color.  She has nice chunks of red in her hair.  I even got my hair updated a bit.  It is nice to be pampered in such a way.  Kalisha did the hair and makeup for Kimber’s wedding and is making an appearance for this wedding too.  We couldn’t be more lucky!  The hair and make up party will start bright and early on Tuesday morning.  Really!  Kalisha is a blessing when is comes to making all my girls feel special and beautiful.
Hannah has had an eventful week.  Last week she learned that she had a part as a Lady in Waiting in the Winter play at school.  I have to admit, Once Upon a Mattress is not my most favorite show.  Although it doesn’t have super great messages (it’s not as bad as my favorite show that deals with murder and popping people into pies), it does have a few positive messages to share.  I believe firmly that my kids are smart, that I have done my best to teach them correct principles, and I pray that they will be receptive to the Spirit in what is best for them.  Now I know that my kids don’t always make the best choice, but they are making choices and I hope that through making those choices they are learning all they need to be successful in this life and in the next life.  Anyway, other kids from church were part of the play, but they felt uncomfortable with the plays content and quit the show.  This brought up a whole new choice opportunity for Hannah.
I have to preface the next part of the story with some of the thoughts I had early Tuesday morning.  I awoke early from a crazy dream where Hannah had been mis-treated and that mis-treatment ended with her being with child.  The dream proceeded as we, as a family, supported her through the trial and helped her deal with putting the baby up for adoption.  all I have to say is that I am glad this was a dream, but I also knew that I could handle it if my kids and their choices became something I had taught them to avoid.
I went to seminary a little bewildered by the dream until I heard the kids talking in the hallway about what was happening with the play.  It seemed like the kids were divided… the kids who saw the good lessons in the play and were planning on continuing (including the young lady – one of my students – who was choosing to stay with the play) vs. the students that thought all the church kids should boycott the play because of few possible questionable places.  Hannah and I talked about choices on the way to school.  She said that she could live with the content of the play because it was better then what she sees in school halls.  She thinks that you can’t be a good missionary if you are never around the people who need the message.  She also thinks that the two main messages of the play are: 1) Waiting is worth it.  You will get the Prince… 2) You can’t judge an other’s heart. (In the play, the character judged as beautiful and perfect on the outside has some things to work out in her heart as she makes poor choices. The character who is judged as not suitable because of her outer looks and performance had the best heart.) and…. 3) There is always a way to work out an issue after you have made a big mistake (the character who is expecting marries in the end to right her wrong).  I’d say my kid did well at assessing the overall message of the play.
Anyway, she was asked to come in after school and to sing for the part of Larken.  This was a great surprise for her.  First, she is a freshman.  Lead roles are usually given to upperclassmen.  And second, she had not been asked to read for the part in the original audition.  At any rate, she pulled it together and sang her heart out… in CLASSICAL voice.  This is big!  She doesn’t like classical voice.  She likes to belt!  Nothing was mentioned the next day.  She figured that one of the two senior, the junior, or the sophomore had gotten the part.  After school the director ask all 5 girls to come back and sing again.  I think the wait was killing these girls.  I had stopped by to ask a question about an event in the auditorium and the director followed me out and whispered that he was giving the part to Hannah.  Pretty exciting!  He sent an email out later in the even to tell people who he choose.  Sadly, the next day Hannah had a few people mad at her.  This will be a great lesson in the arts and a lesson about how to deal with the intolerant.
So that it is it.  Hannah now has the second lead in the play… Larken, the expecting unwed girl.  That explains things some things doesn’t it?  LOL.  I’m not to worried.  One of my best friends, Jeff, is directing, and although we don’t share beliefs I am confident that he has a great respect for my beliefs and values.  An other great friend, Megan, is the assistant director.  Love her to pieces!  She is a member of the church and I completely trust her to not only teach Hannah the art of acting but to teach her the gospel as well.  A friend from the ward is the costumer.  So seriously, I know that touchy subjects will be handled with care and the real message of the play will be brought out.  There is nothing to worry about.
I’ve taking on a few extra project here and there to help pay for this wedding.  Sadly, this means that I worked most of the time that McKay has been home.  Boo.  But, at least I have been able to earn enough to make a dent in this wedding budget.  This week was an elementary school program.  I am amazed at how many people came to this.  There was standing room only!  If the community supports the arts this much it is amazing how there continues to be cuts in the arts in schools.  The schools seem to have community support.  There is a great facility to house arts events.  Why don’t they give more chances for kids to learn the arts.  Music will be the next thing on the chopping block.  There are no drama classes at our schools.  Come on!  Can’t they see that they are not truly serving the kids in our community… or even respecting the tax payers desires to support the arts.  Gah!  It is always a dilemma.
Cars!  They are the vain of my existence.  It seems that everywhere I go in the past couple of weeks I’ve needed a jump start.  Stupid car.  This week we were stranded outside the grocery store.  We had to wait for a random stranger to show up to his truck and beg for a jump start.  I think he caved because I had my hood open and the cables all ready to go.  I also got stuck outside the school this week.  McKay came to save me but we couldn’t get her car close enough to my car.  My friend Jeff came and recognised the car next to me and called that student to come quickly to help me.  It didn’t work.  Eventually, we gave up and McKay took me home until Ray was able to help me.  He discovered that a fuse was burned out.  He even had the battery and the alternator tested.  They tested ok.  So my problem and all this frustration turned out to be a $5 part.  Thank heavens for a son-in-;law willing to come save me from myself at times.  LOL.
Speaking of Ray… he got a new job!  He will be a bus driver.  This is a win-win job.  He loves to drive.  He’s great with kids.  He’s mechanical.  The hours fit his lifestyle and other job interests.  And he will have a little extra money to help ends meet.  I think this is a blessing from heaven!!!
Chad had oral surgery this week.  When he was 6 he fell on his face at the Jessops house and broke his front teeth on the concrete floor.  No dentist from that time forward caught that his front teeth on the bottom had been damaged.  They focused on the top teeth that were chipped.  When we took him to get braces the orthodontist saw some shadowing that she felt was bad.  They tried to give him a regular- come from the top – root canal but could not complete the procedure.  The trauma had cause his teeth to put down calcium deposits that had strangled the nerves in his teeth.  The nerves were pretty much dead.  The dentist couldn’t even find the to remove them.  Thus, Thursday he had a surgery were they cut into his gums, clipped the bottom of the roots off, pulled out the nerve from there, scraped out all the damaged tissue and sent it to biopsy, and then sealed the roots before sewing him back up.  He has been on a liquid diet for 3 days now and today finally got to eat soft solid foods.  He does a lot of sleeping and video games.
Myles came into town on Friday.  They went from the airport to the county clerks office for the marriage licence.  It’s official… McKay is getting Married.  AHHHH!!!  They are funny.  They took this picture just for my blog.  There is so much to do before the big day!  (In fact, I am barricaded in my room right now while family from out of town is in the other room watching a movie just so I can finish this blog I’ve been working on all day and it’s 10:30!  LOL).  Saturday we ran around like crazy people getting last minute shopping done.  We got the chain for McKay’s necklace Grandma Boyack gave her.  We looked for a dress for me.  Wash out.  We got a few things for the reception.  We went to the distribution store and got the things McKay needed for her first temple experience and then we went to the temple.  What a great experience.  She seemed so comfortable and prepared to be there.  Myles, Kimber and Ray, our friends Shar and Susan and John all came with us.  We were surprised that McKay’s last seminary teacher worked the session and his wife was assigned to be McKay’s special helper.  It was a blessing to be there and to have the Spirit confirm that this, indeed, was a marriage that the heavens do smile on… even if she is moving far away and won’t live near us again. sigh.  It will be exciting to see the next step on Tuesday!
After we left the temple… rather late… we had dinner as friends and family and then, while everyone else went home, John and I headed for food at the store.  We didn’t get home until after 1am.  What a long day!  But it’s time to pull up the boots straps.  Tomorrow will start the beginning of a long and eventful week!
I will add a picture from the temple later.  Thing is… I’m a lame mom and didn’t take a picture at the most important event of the week.  Thankfully, my friend Shar took one.  I just need to wait until she send it to me..
I got a picture!  Thanks Shar!

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