Family Friday

Week at the Boyack’s – Week 22 

This week we celebrated fall.  McKay took the little people on a leaf hunt.  Case and Lagi had fun picking their favorite colors and shapes of leaves and walking in the crunchy sounds of fall.

These two crack me up.  McKay would ask Case to “move it.” and Lagi would start singing, ” I like to move it move it.”  Her other favorite song of the week is, “I whip my hair back and forth.”  It’s pretty funny.  She doesn’t really have hair.  LOL  She has a song for every occasion… every situation.  I have to wonder where she’s getting all these songs.  Most of the songs are not songs that we listen to at my house.
We are now three months into Seminary… and this is what I see.  These boys sit right next to me.  The sister of one of boys sleeping here snapped this picture and posted it on Facebook.  She commented on how she had “caught” them in the act.  Laugh is on her too.  She is “caught” too!  What was she doing with her cell phone out in class?!  Teenagers!
More than leaves are falling around here.  So is Case’s hair.  His mom hasn’t found time to get him a hair cut and gave permission for McKay to give Case the hair cut.  Laura figured that as long as Case would hold still for McKay it was worth a shot.  McKay is silly.  She let Case choose the clipper guard.  He insisted on black and even through a huge fit when she tried to change it to orange.  After the first couple of passes, Case got worried that he saw his hair fall to the ground.
He kind of had good reason to worry!  Here is the result.  his mom’s reaction was, and I quote, “OH MY FREAKIN HECK!!!”  She thought he looked like a girl.  Some people said he looked like a cancer patient.  We consoled his and told him that he looked like his brother Jacob when he got a Military hair cut.  I think it’s a good thing.  He doesn’t like to wash his hair.  He doesn’t like to comb it either.  I think this is a win-win hair cut.
Saturday Chad got John to race with him and his sisters to volunteer at the Willamette Roadrunner race in Rickerall.  John ran the 5k.  He felt good about his effort.  He was first in his age group… of two guys.  but you only have to run faster than the guy behind you, right?  This was Chad’s first 10k.  The official times haven’t been posted, but it looks like he was 1 minute shy of his 45 minute goal.  He got a BIG first place blue ribbon for his efforts.  He even finished 12th out of all the competitors.  John had enough fun that they are considering entering a race a month with this group.  Hannah and McKay stood on some dangerous corner and directed traffic.  Lillian and I missed the whole thing because we had to go to the Primary Program practice.
Sunday was the Primary Program.  We survived.  Lilli sang a solo.  She is a good little singer.  We got a new RS Presidency too.  I won’t really be effected by it too much.  I rarely go to RS.  On Sundays I am in Primary.  The week activities are too late in the day for me.  I need my beauty sleep for Seminary.  LOL.
In other news…. McKay bought her first car.  I guess I should really say the car belongs to McKay and Myles.  Ray went with her to check things out.  She bought a 2004 Honda civic EX.  I looks pretty good and she likes how it drives.  She even bartered and talked the seller down $500.
McKay also went with her Jamba Juice friends and played for an evening.  She also had a bridal shower.  I don’t do parties.  My awesome VT put together a great shower.  Everything was nice and fun.  I have to admit it wasn’t too painful.
Hannah had auditions for the winter play, Once Upon a Mattress.  She did fairly well.  She made call backs.  However, her heart wasn’t really into call backs.  Some of the other kids are very rude.  Intimidating is more the word.  One girl demanded we take her home one audition day and then preceded to tell Hannah how her (her girl needing the ride) only competition was an other girl.  Hello!  Hannah was up for the same part.  I happen to know (from a little bird) that Hannah out sang her hands down.  In addition… a couple of the other kids are rude too… mostly about how she is pathetic for sitting through the early morning choir and now 2 kids (boys) in 8th grade get to sing and she doesn’t.  It really isn’t nice… or fair… but its what the director wants to do.  The kids being rude really have no business being such brats.  Hannah can out sing, out read music, out play the piano, and out NICE them any day!   Anyway, Hannah knew that the director wouldn’t give her a chance… so she basically gave up.  Dang it!  Oh well… she is only a freshman.  There could be a few more shows to audition for in the future.  She is only going to get better.  Then who is going to be intimidated.
I’ve also been busy with teaching this week.  I also had a few people to help with acupressure this week.  I’m very sad at the state of the world right now, but some people are taking things hard and being hit harder than I am.  So many people I know are struggling with depression – even to thoughts of suicide, illness, death, loss of jobs, wayward children and things really aren’t getting much better.  I’ve noticed that many of the worker bees in my ward are going down as serious illness and depression are taking a toll on the families in our area,  I look around my little class of Seminary students and marvel at how many families are suffering.  At least I am keeping my head above water and still feel like my little light can shine.  🙂

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