Family Friday

Week at the Boyack’s – Week 26 

To be honest, We’ve been rather boring since John and I got back from New Mexico.  People go to school and/or to work… we do chores… we hold the fort.  We are trying to get into the Christmas Spirit, but we are not always successful.

Kimber has come every day to work on Christmas projects at are house.  It makes things easier when Lillian can entertain Ben.  Kimber is then free to sew to her little hearts content.  Sadly, I’ve not taken a picture of all that.

Chad’s choir has had a couple Christmas performances.  They went and sang for old ladies at a church lunch in Salem.  It all went well, with the exception of forgetting one singer at the school.  They figured it all out and got everyone where they needed to be.  They also sang at a fundraiser.  That was an eventful event as well.  I hear the power went off and they all had to wait for a long time before they could finish singing their set of music for the evening.

John, Kimber, Ray, Hannah and I went with our friend Megan to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream out at the Pentacle Theater.  It had a slightly different twist with the presentation.  The director chose to set the play in an urban environment.  The fairies were Punks and Goth.  The Duke was a politician.  I actually loved the performance   My Friend Robert play Oberon.  He did an excellent job.  He got a red mohawk for the play. He said it took him a long time to get all the tattoos and make up on and to lace up all his costume parts.  There were a few weak performances, but I attribute them to inexperience.  The Pentacle is a community theater after all.  Directors are at the mercy of who comes to audition   In fact, I different friend joined the cast because someone quite.  He too did an excellent job.

Chad also had his Cross Country Running awards banquet.  He must really inspire a ton of people.  He got an award for being the most inspirational on his team.  I see how kids look up to him.  There are a ton of kids that say hi and stuff when we are out and about.  He had a great running season.  He’s still running but he’s decided to run only three days a week.  He’s started P90X.  He even has John and Kimber joining him.  John did only half of the exercise today.  He had to be to work early and had school board stuff far into the evening.  Kimber came over and did her work out.  It was tough.  She almost threw up. We took before pictures.  John forbid me not to post his pictures.  LOL.  Lillian even got her pictures taken.  She’s pretty strong.  She can even do a couple pull-ups.  I’ve never been able to do that.  After they are done with their little adventure we will post their before and after shots.

Saturday, I went on a “girl date” with my friends Megan and Rachel.  We got pedicures and went out to lunch.  Once again… the camera didn’t even cross my mind.  LOL.  I don’t know what’s with me.  I had a great time.  However, when I got home I had to deal with finances and that killed my mood.  Talk about money is the fastest way to get me out of the Christmas Spirit.

I cow-girled up and went with the family to get a Christmas tree.  Traditionally, we got out to a farm.  But I wasn’t in the mood.  I had been checking out all the tree stands in town and knew just where I wanted to go.  We all hopped out of the car and walked around the lot.  Frankly, it was the fastest we had ever all agreed on a Christmas tree.  LOL.  The nice Hispanic lady followed us around while her little boy chattered away in Spanish.

Lillian helped John tie the tree to the car. The rest of us jammed out to Chad’s new music.  Once we got home, John got the tree ready.  Lillian was driving us all crazy with all her dancing around.  John got some lights on the tree.  He even put a few of the extra lights on the tree outside. That is not our normal m.o.

So now the house is looking a little more like Christmas.  Chad says we are missing something.  I swear we have all the Christmas decorations I own out.  I think what we are really missing is having everyone home.  That has made the atmosphere a little different.  We’d better get used to it.  We won’t ever really have everyone home for the holidays much in the future.  sigh.

Sunday was relaxing.  The best part about the weekend is that I finished the Book of Mormon that I’ve been reading for Ben.  I can’t wait for him to be 12.  That is when I’ve decided to give him the book with all my notes.  I hope he treasures it as much as I treasure it and treasure him.

We’ll be updating things again next week.

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