Family Friday

Week at the Boyacks – Week 36 

 This was a busy week… yet fulfilling.  However, I remembered that I forgot to mention a story from last week.

John got in a car wreck.  See… John stayed home sick one day.  I wasn’t feeling well either.  Chad finished math and John volunteered to go get him.  However, John blew right past Chad as he drove down the road in a stupor. Chad wasn’t impressed.  I agreed to go get him in a different car. By the time I reached Chad, John had found him.  I was a little annoyed and headed home.  I went around a corner and John went up a different block.

Traffic was crazy.  I couldn’t cross the highway, so I decided to turn right and head north and take the first left.  John was confused as he watched me turn off the highway on the side street in front of him.  He was so dazed that he didn’t notice the truck right behind me and he shot across the highway.

He said he noticed the blue smoke from the truck breaks first.  Chad yelled, “sh*#!” and clung to the roof for his life.  John decided to speed up and swerve.  I looked in my rear view mirror and wondered why John looked like he was heading for the stop sign and the corner of the road.  Then I got a phone call   “Mom.  Dad just got in a car wreck.”  I turned the corner and headed back to the scene of the crime.  Chad didn’t want to ride with dad any more.  He hopped into my car.  John was talking to the guy that made contact with the car.

All I can say is that God was looking out for those two.  This dent is all the damage that occurred.  Nothing happened to the other car. Those two have angels watching over them!

One day a FedEx guy knocked on the door with a box for Chad.  We were all a little worried.  We didn’t know the lady from New Jersey that sent the box.  Even weirder, the box contained a juicer.  Chad has always wanted a juicer, but we had no idea why a random stranger would send him one. We called FedEx but the address and phone nubewr they had didn’t exist.  I finally posted something on Facebook.  My sister Carol got a good giggle.  It turns out that Cad stalker was Bob.  He was so impressed with Chad’s commitment to heath and loss of nearly 100 pounds that he ordered Chad a juicer on e-Bay.  He just thought Chad deserved the reward.  So mystery solve.  Uncle Bob is the President of the Chad Boyack fan club.

We have had great weather this week.  Case has spent many days out in the sunshine.  We may need to buckle down and actually clean up the yard soon. Right now I’d say it is a bit of a hazard.  You never know what you might step in.  LOL.

Little Ben spent some time hanging out too.  He is a cute little thing.  He really likes to follow Lillian around.  He likes to watch OPB.  He likes to chase Kirby around and “pet” him.  He is a very independent little person.  He likes to jabber.  Funny.  his parents are more the “strong-silent” type.  He is still a mama’s boy.  I am glad that he lives close enough that we can see him on a regular basis.  At least he can learn to like us.  🙂

Hannah finished her week with Once Upon a Mattress.  She really did a great job with this show.  She has such an expressive face… a beautiful developing voice… and a stage presence that is captivating.  I noticed that, although she is friendly to everyone and they seem somewhat friendly with others, she doesn’t really fit in with this crowd.  I am Facebook friends with many of these kids.  There were all kinds of pictures of kids together backstage with their friends.  There is nothing with Hannah.  She didn’t go to Shari’s, a Friday night tradition.  She didn’t sit by or even talk to the kids at the cast party.  She sat by the adults.

I asked her about it.  She insists that she has friends, but I don’t see any evidence of this fact.

The biggest criticism I get about my years of home school is that my kids aren’t getting socialization (in fact, a ward member got in my face about home school after the play one night).  I don’t see any evidence that public school is giving my kids social skills either.  First of all, most of the kids act very in-appropriately.  They act childish.  They pick on others.  They sit around and refuse to work.  Most kids think that success just falls on them by virtue that they some how deserve it.

I didn’t raise my kids that way… and most of them understand the lesson.  As a result, my kids like the company of adults over the company of the kids their own age.  I wonder if she is really happy.

Then again, I have to admit that I worry about her spiritual health.  Being in the public school environment contributed to the decline in faith for others.  I worry that Hannah will be next.  She is struggling getting up in the morning.  She even is missing seminary on occasion   When that happens my heart sinks.  She wants to a theater major in college.  She wants to perform and pursue theater as an adult.  Her faith will have to be extra strong to withstand the theater environment.  As far as I can see, it is not that nice.  It is easy to fall back into bad habits… to let bad language slip in… to question doctrine of the family… to keep safe personal boundaries in the current theater community.  Yet, she is very talented and could actually go very far.  I am torn.

Back to Once Upon a Mattress… Thursday show was an exciting show.  Around 3:30, Emma called.  She sounded horrible!  She was pretty sick.  There really isn’t much that can be done when a cold goes to those vocal cords.  I suggested she drink lemon/honey tea and call for a blessing.  Meanwhile, Mr. Witt came up with Plan- B.  He taught Kimberly all of Emma’s songs.  I went early and we tested all the best places for Kimberly to stand so that she could sing while Emma acted.  It was crazy!   The two girls sound nothing alike.  It added to my already busy evening of sound management.  But, we made it!

Emma’s faith was rewarded.  She was able to sing for herself by the Friday performance.  I was so grateful for her blessing of health…. at the same time I was jealous of her faith.  She had no doubt that because she had a blessing that she would be able to sing her last two permanence.  No problem.  God is good… even when it concerns little high school plays in little no where towns.  Maybe I should practice that kind of faith when it comes to Hannah’s testimony and going to public school.

Hannah got a little sick too.  The back of her throat was all red and had a few little white blisters.  I started her on Thieves   I am always impressed with this product.  With in 24 hours she was mostly back to normal.  She was able to sing.  In fact, I think Saturday’s performance was her best “classical” singing to date.  Saturday was her best acting to date too.

Mr. Witt also announced next years season.  He will d a regular play in the fall.  He is thinking about And Then There Were None (formally known as Ten Little Indians) and The Music Man for the Winter play. There aren’t many girl parts in that show.  I’m pretty sure that he has the cast in mind… Hannah isn’t really on the list of leads… just chorus.  Chorus isn’t bad, but I wish she had a better chance.  I know I am biased, but I do think she has more talent in her little toe than your average 15 year old.

I also think she is tired of being the second choice.  Her role in Little Mermaid came to her because someone quit the show.  She was a terrific evil eel too!  Her role in Once Upon a Mattress came to her because someone quit the show.  Frankly, I think she was amazing, and may have even been better than the original girl cast.  Anyway, I know she wants to be the first choice for a good role… at least once.  She has a few more years to get a good part. I am also encouraging her to audition for community theater.

Now it is time to move on.  Hannah can now work on school… being lazy (she has started her ornery teen phase and comes home to sit on the computer for hours while neglecting homework and chores).  She can think about auditioning for a community show.  She is running spot light for Legally Blonde.  At least that way she can spend some time with me.  She can play the piano and sing loudly all the songs I’ve missed her sing in the past 5 months.  I don’t think there is a spring play (bummer.  I hope it doesn’t mean they are lost forever), but Jacob is working on convincing her to try tennis.  She is in Racket Sports for PE at school.  Maybe she will give tennis a try.

The final show of Once Upon a Mattress was a big success.  We had about 560 audience members.  I wish we could have had that many for the whole run.  We averaged around 150 for the rest of the performances.  I don’t think we even broke even on the expenses.  All of the performers were in top form.  The audience responded to all the jokes.  The kids responded to the audience enthusiasm.  The performances brought the house down!

The audience went nuts during the Spanish Panic.  First of all, it is a fun dance with everything from Elvis to Micheal Jackson to Gangum style.  But we added two cast members for this final number.  Do you notice them in the picture?  Well most of the cast didn’t until the dance was nearly over.  That’s right.  Jeff and Linda joined the kids for the final Spanish Panic.  I was surprised that they could keep up.  The whole audience was screaming, laughing and clapping.  It was so loud that I had to yell on the headset to get the crew to hear the cues.

Anyway, it was crazy.  My friend Adam video recorded the performance.  He promised to get me a copy.  I am sure that it will be epic.

After the performance, strike went quickly.  We left the window wall in the air.  We took apart the rolling wagon and the giant stairs.  My friend from a Salem school asked me to help he make giant stars for one of his productions.  We put all the sound equipment away.  We left a little bit of de-construction and the painting of the floor for the tech theater class.

I was grateful to crawl into my bed after the cast party.  It’s been a long 4 weeks… with two shows to keep track of and all.

So that is the report of the week.  After all that, these blogs will start to sound boring.

There is Hannah with her new glasses and her people braces… and her friend Alexa


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