Family Friday

Week at the Boyacks – Week 39 

 This week I thought I would try harder to get my act together and report things faster around here.  It’s been a very busy week.  I worked at the HS Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning and evening for an elementary school musical.  It’s a paying job.  That’s a good thing.  We could use the money to pay down debt.  It does mean I’m gone a little more than I’d really like to be.  At least it is work I love… and I am finally getting a small amount of pay for doing something I love to do.

Working at the HS also gives me the opportunity to see what my children are up to at the school.  This is what I found on Thursday morning… Chad sleeping on the tables in the ASBEC room… with a new hair do.  LOL.  He has choir 0 hour and then nothing 1st period.  He then has choir again 2nd period.  He often will sleep for the hour he is waiting.  Lately, Mr  Witt has been called into meetings 1st period and the students are just given free time.  On this particular morning a couple girls decided to add blue tape hair to Chad while he slept.  It cracks me up. I never heard what Chad thought when he woke up.  I do know that the girls were very proud of themselves.

Most of my week was spent getting ready to open Legally Blonde at Pentacle Theater.  The week started with an 8 hour rehearsal of adding the band and having a tech rehearsal.  That was followed by 3 days of dress rehearsal where the band was far too overpowering and the singers all over sang.  Sadly, many began to lose their voices.  The worst off was the lead, my voice student, Amanda.  we had to do the un-thinkable.   We cancelled our final dress and student night.  On the plus side, everyone got a well deserved night off.  Everyone needed to rest.  We also opened with no problems to 3 sold out houses in a row.  What a great way to start the run!

Many people have no idea who I am or what I do.  As an assistant I don’t think I do much.  I try to keep things on track… I give a few blocking ideas or help with character development… I tried to help with sets and lights (sadly, I went out repeatedly to be put off to another day.  This also led to some lighting needs never being addressed.  Oh well.  My name isn’t on the work)… and once the run started I sit in the light booth and keep the light guy on track and take notes.  The director sits in the house.  I guess I could sit out by him, but he has needed my chair so far for his friends, the choreographer, vocal director and special guests   Good thing I’d rather be in the booth taking notes. my favorite moments of the run thus far was the couple making out at the back of the side audience.  Hello!  The space is a little small for that.  Get a room!  Or the lady that was standing in the bathroom and was so drunk that she peed herself (like Steve Martin in that one dumb movie) and then went to get more to drink and watched the rest of the show.  She even gave them a staggering ovation.  The same night had another drunk girl hollering through the whole show.

Meanwhile, Kimber has been good enough to hang out at my house with little people while I run around to work at extra jobs, go to doctor and dentist appointments, or cart Chad around.  I miss seeing Ben play around here like he owns the place.  He likes to sit in the toy box.  Silly boy!  We bought a baby swing to go in the yard.  He cries when he has to come indoors now.  LOL

Chad’s projects are moving along.  He finished driving us all to finish cleaning the yard.  He and Hannah got all dressed in plastic bags to clean out under the deck.  They looked ridiculous!  but the yard looks good.  I’ve spent a ton of time in a car driving to Salem and back so that Chad can tun in his papers for the Eagle Project.  It is so dumb!  They are so unclear with their expectations!  I’m hoping we finally got it right and he can now begin the work.  Chad and Brother Gatherum have got a plan.  I’m ready to put this bad boy behind us!
So…. there it is.  The week.  And I’m not even late.

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