Menu Monday

What’s on the Menu

I have realized 2 things in the last couple of weeks…

  1. I am still adjusting my recipe size.  I used to make dinner for 7 or more.  Now I make dinner for 2 and sometimes, four. (My kids aren’t ready to give up former foods, even if they are making some effort here and there).  Thus, What I make lasts for longer than what I planned for and I eat left overs for days because I can’t bring myself to throw out good veggies!
  2. I need a better camera or lighting.  My cell phone just cannot do justice to how pretty vegetables really are!


breakfast – fruit smoothie with kale from the garden

lunch – veggies and hummus

dinner – Greek Salad

My garden is going nuts with the cucumbers so that helped make the choice for me.  I added some cherry tomatoes, artichoke hearts, olives, a zucchini from the garden and a red onion. A splash of vinegar and I was good to go.thumbnail_IMG_1427


Breakfast – fruit smoothie

Lunch – left over Greek Salad

Dinner – more left over Greek Salad but I added spinach and the last of the Goddess Dressing I had.  From now on I won’t be adding dressings to salads.thumbnail_IMG_1430


Breakfast – a banana and  a plum

Lunch – tomato soup

Dinner – steamed vegetables.  I had fresh green beans from the garden, mushrooms and zucchini.  I lightly stir fried them in water. I did get distracted for a minute and blackened the green beans.  My husband came home and said, “these beans taste great!  How did you flavor them? ”  “I burned them,” I said.  Who knew a little burnt offering would be a hit?thumbnail_IMG_1431


Breakfast – left over steamed green bean stuff

Lunch – hummus and veggies

Dinner – Zucchini and corn tacos  I steamed some corn, zucchini from the garden, and red pepper and let it blacken a little.  I placed it on corn tortilla with a little vegan mozzarella cheese.  It turned ok.  I have to make a second batch because everyone wanted to eat it!thumbnail_IMG_1425


Breakfast – fruit smoothie

Lunch left overs

Dinner -Greek Orzo Salad I cooked the Orzo and set it aside.  I added cucumbers from the garden, tomatoes, avocado, green peppers from my garden, green olives, white beans and vinegar.  I had black berries as a side. thumbnail_IMG_1432


breakfast – left over watermelon salad

Lunch – hummus and veggies

Dinner – Morningstar veggie burger and I made a watermelon salad with watermelon, cantaloupe, blueberries, and mint from my garden.  This watermelon salad is on of my favorite things!thumbnail_IMG_1433


Breakfast – fruit smoothie

Lunch – cabbage soup – I made a cabbage soup with veggies from my garden.  I had cabbage, onion. kale, swiss chard, spinach, green beans, radish, green pepper, zucchini, carrots, thyme, oregano, basil, and tomatoes from my garden.  I added ginger root, vegetable broth, pink salt and pepper.  So Good!

Dinner – Thai tofu soupthumbnail_IMG_1426

It is great to have so many yummy veggies from my own garden!  I am at a stand still when it comes to reaching my ideal weight (as prescribed by my doctor)  In a couple weeks I will start over with the beginning eating ideas of The End of Dieting.  Hopefully, that will kick my body in the but and get rid of some of my extra baggage.

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