Performing Arts Education Matters!

Still my soap box! I wish law makers, school boards, and administrators were listening!

Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe

I am passionate about education.  I believe that the main mission of education should be to spark in students a desire to be a life-long-learner.  Education is more than English, science and math.  Education needs to inspire students to educated themselves – ongoing, voluntary and self-motivated.  Students who understand how to learn and how to apply what they learn, students who love to learn and who are motivated to learn for themselves enhance social skills, become active citizens, develop personally, and become self-sustainable and employable.

Education must think “outside the box” to create life-long-learners.  Education curriculum needs to include the arts – music, art, drama and dance. The benefits including  these subjects in course catalogs far out weighs the costs of providing them.  The benefits of a fine arts education include better grades, higher standardized test scores and higher educational attainment, attending school more regularly and a higher self-concept.  The…

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