@bethelight – Day 22

Holy Cow!  It is harder than you think to put away your smart phone for even just one meal!  But I did it.  We had guests for dinner so I made sure I put it away.  However, it was hard to ignore the occasional “buzz.”  Next time I will need to be sure to leave it in the other room.

complain less

Today I am going to prep for Thanksgiving.  Part of giving thanks is to complain less.

Sometimes its easy to focus on the things that are bringing us down and making life hard.  I believe that changing my focus, looking for what I am grateful for, will make life much easier.  Frankly, the last 22 days have proved that!  The less I complain, the brighter my day is!

It is easy to start the day thinking of one thing you are grateful for.  I have to laugh, but there are even mobile apps that will remind you during the day to stop and think of something you are grateful for.  Listing the good things and complaining less will make the day a much brighter day… even a grey rainy day.

I do love the sound of rain.  🙂


Join me!

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A Warrior Spreads Light

#bethelight – Day 20

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