Warriors Look Good in Pearls

I’ve been working on my pearls. some days it is hard to admit that trials are blessings. However, time and experiences has been teaching me that trials make us better… beautiful pearls.

Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe

Okay… not the most attractive picture.  It helps me make a point.

The sea oyster, injured and irritated, places layers of its tear-like fluid called nacre over the damaging “grit” on its tongue.

Naga Pearl Farm tourism destinations Naga Pearl Farm

Slowly, over time (maybe even 5-6 years) this irritation, this hardship transforms into a breathtaking pearl!



The thing is… we all face adversity and set backs.  We all experience that little grain – a stressful work week, illness, set backs in expectations.  It’s hard to be your best when you feel life is at its worst.  It is hard to remember that learning from adversity and transforming it into something beautiful and worthwhile take time.

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