Scripture Sunday

Cultivating My Testimony of Jesus, the Christ.

A testimony is the personal assurance of Jesus Christ’s divinity, that Jesus is the Christ.  Paul wrote, “faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Romans 10:17).  To gain a testimony we must hear of Christ.  We must pray for divine conformation as witnessed by the Holy Ghost.  We must be willing to act on the answers we receive.  Alma taught that we must “experiment upon [the] words… even until ye believe in a manner ye can give place for a portion of [the] word” (Alma 32:27).  We must be willing to open our hearts… we must have a desire to know.


I’ve been thinking today about my testimony of Jesus Christ.

I know that we all don’t have the same beliefs.  I don’t really expect anyone to think the same way that I do when it comes to my testimony or the way I comprehend my religion.  I believe that is important that we all stand firm for what we believe.  I believe that we should all respect the beliefs of others – religious or not.  However, when it comes down to it, I hope that anyone who ever knew me will know that I love the Savior, Jesus Christ and His gospel.

The Christmas season is upon us and my heart is full of gratitude for the Savior.  Some how, that statement falls short.

Jesus was the only perfect person to walk this earth.  He served and He loved.  He blessed and He forgave.  He saved and He uplifted.  He sacrificed in a way I can not comprehend.  His love is unconditional and does not discriminate.  He loves me – He loves everyone – no matter what.

It seems crazy, but I know that Jesus knows each one of us individually.  That is amazing.  There are days I don’t remember my kids names, and yet, He knows them, He knows me.  He willing paid the ultimate price for all of us that we may be eternally blessed.  I fall short nearly every day.  Every day I make more and more mistakes… too many to count.  And yet… because of Him… I can repent, return, renew, again and again.  I have the opportunity to keep trying.  I have hope.

I know that Jesus wants to be a part of our lives.  We must seek Him.  We must invite Him to be a central part of our lives.  We must look to Him in all that we do and say.  Through Him and because of Him we have the opportunity to change… to progress… to let go of anger and sorrow and grief.  Even in our deepest sorrows we can feel joy because He lives and because He loves us.

I have gained my own testimony of Christ through my own seeking, my own study of the scriptures and personal prayer, my own practice of the truths I learn through the Spirit.

Christ is the ultimate source of peace and comfort.  I am nothing without Him.

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