Adulting 101 – Want vs. Need

A work in Progress!

Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe

Money.  Having money.  Spending money.  Money is on the mind of all the teens I know.  The purpose of money is to provide for needs and wants, for myself and for others, now and in the future.  It comes down to simple economics.  One of the most basic concepts of economics is want vs. need.  The difference between a need and a want is fairly simple.

Want vs Need (1)

A need is something you HAVE TO HAVE, something you can’t do with out.  You might be surprised what does NOT make this list.  What DOES make the list would include food.  If you don’t eat, you won’t live long. Simple.

A want is something you would LIKE TO HAVE.  It is not absolutely necessary, but it’s nice to have.  Simple.

Sometimes the lines seem to blur.  Not simple.


Death by Chocolate ice cream is a food, so you might mark it as a…

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