#bethelight – Day 65

300 to go…

Yesterday was a great day!  It was busy!  It was long.  However, as I looked for the bright side of everything, I learned that I was having a fun day.  I hope I was dragging others along for the ride.

I started my day by writing my blog and billing out some work.  I went to school and taught a class about the sound board and a little about sound design.  We gave notes for the play we have next week and then we loaded up some flats to take to a different location.  I had painted a drop for my friend that works at a middle school the next town over.  We loaded up 2 car loads with masks and costumes that we were borrowing, and I quickly went back to town to say good-bye to my son.  He is moving to a different state to heal, work, and hopefully go to school.  I hurried back to the school to get help unloading the masks and costumes.  I waited for 3 voice lessons who didn’t show up or canceled.  Then I directed 65 kids through some acting exercises for the musical we are beginning.  We had a quick break and then I took notes for the play that opens next week.  Finally, at 9:30 pm, I got to go home.

This busy day gave me plenty of opportunities to laugh and giggle.  I was super tired at the end of the day.  Bu it was a good day.

download (1)

Today I thought I would spread kindness – a two in one – kind of act.  My high school age daughter LOVES hot chocolate from Dutch Brothers (we are not coffee drinkers).  I though I might surprise her at school with a cup of hot chocolate.  Then, it occurred to me that I could spread kindness at the Ditch Brother’s drive through.  

I could leave a tip and a thank-you at Dutch Brothers. (You could leave a tip and a thank you note in the tip jar of your favorite coffee/hot chocolate shop).

I worked at a local sub sandwich shop back in high school.  I worked hard.  I am sure that the people working at Dutch Brothers work just as hard.  I bet they would appreciate a bit of a tip in the tip jar!  I would have.  Putting a little “good job!” or “Thanks for your great service” note in their jar might brighten their day too!  Good work should be acknowledged.  People love to feel appreciated.

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